Corporate Catering Sydney

Corporate Catering Sydney
You’ve been put in charge of catering a very important meeting and the boss has stressed the need to impress the new client. Well then. Want to impress your boss? Food catering Sydney has never been easier to book and the menus from which to choose at Square Catering can be tailored to any size for any event. From a light morning tea to a full-on Spit Roast, your event can be professionally staffed with experienced, friendly waitpersons to present and serve beautifully prepared trays of delicious finger foods. Some menus even call for a chef to grace your event. Check our catering page on Corporate Catering Sydney White Pages

For catering in Sydney you might want a specialty menu featuring a specific culture such as an all Chinese finger food menu with Mini Vegetable-filled Spring Rolls, Golden Fried Mini Beef Dim Sim and Crispy Tempura Whiting Fillets or you might want to show off Australian cuisine by featuring Cocktail Sausage Rolls in a Flaky Pastry and Cocktail Meatballs dipped in traditional Smokey Barbeque Sauce.

Corporate catering Sydney is as easy as placing a phone call to Square Catering and giving the particulars of your event (date, time, number of guests, theme, food category, etc.) to the person who takes your booking. He or she will help you through all the other particulars and organise the entire catering portion of your event to run seamlessly from start to finish.


Food Catering in Sydney or anywhere from N. S. W. to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich areas amid the beautiful, warm weather, just begs for the benefits of finger foods. The ability to mingle and network while your guests feast on a wide variety of tastes and flavours is the ideal solution for corporate catering and entertaining.

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Lunch Catering Services

Lunch Catering Services


What’s lunch catering? Lunch catering has become the most convenient approach of food ordering. Lunch caterers make it easier for people to create a large dining experience. Lunch caterers provide all the food needs of the people from deciding on the menu to taking care of the dishes. The only problem of the customer is paying the bill. After that, he or she has nothing to be concerned about. Lunch catering services can be arranged anytime during the day.

Do you know the stages of a lunch catering business? The lunch catering companies stick to a certain procedure with small features differing due to competition. The process starts with the orders. This is the part where the client determines what meals they wish to be offered at the event. This part also may include billing; though some lunch caterers favor post-service billing. Orders in catering, very different from fast food and fine dining, require much time before the food service. Typically for large occasions like weddings, it requires about a month or two interval between placing your order and attaining the food service. Some caterers usually give a more flexible schedule for competition reasons. Some could book a lunch catering service even a day prior to the occasion. The next task in line for the caterers is the planning. The preparation includes the materialization of the menu from the paper to the table. The preparation stage also includes the utensils and beautification of the location. Cooking the meal ahead of time is also part of the preparation process. The last stage of the catering procedure is the service proper where the waiters and all the catering manpower serve the guests. This part involves serving, cooking, and cleaning the used utensils. Some lunch caterers use an on-the-spot grill or skillet so the food served can have the appeal of the people.

What occasions call for lunch caterings? Graduations, wedding parties, and birthday parties are some of the typical events that need the help of luncheon caterers. Caterers however don’t specifically point-out which occasions ought to be accommodated at a certain time of a day. This means that lunch catering can accommodate any type of event there is. The catering process is identical in every time of the day. The only distinction there would be among breakfast, lunch, and dinner caterings would be the food because there are certain meals suitable for each time of the day.

What food can one expect in a lunch catering? Since lunch is taken in the middle of the day, food that is heavy and gives the eaters a great deal of energy to face the day is common in lunch caterings. Technically, food full of protein and carbohydrates is offered in lunch caterings.

There are plenty of types of catering. Lunch catering might be the least popular but it can be regarded as a very important meal of the day.


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Buffet Catering and Hog Roast Catering

Buffet Catering and Hog Roast Catering
When organising an event, it can be advisable to hire out an out of doors private catering service, especially for large events. For private parties, weddings and corporate events it can be a sign of good hospitality and additionally be a real luxury among the guests to actually be served a hog roast or a buffet. It’s best when doing a hog roast to use locally sourced meat from a high quality reputable butcher. As a result it is safe to assume that all of the meat is sourced to a high standard, likely hung until it is perfectly matured. Any specific catering requirements can be met by using the contact details which can usually be found on the butcher or catering services website. Employing a hog roasts is no way near as extravagant and expensive as many people think, because one hog weighing around 40 to 50 kilograms will easily provide 100 to 150 guest portions. In addition, the catering service will usually also account for supplying a chef at the event to carve the meat, a chef’s assistant to serve the food, all of the disposable plates, napkins and cutlery, freshly baked bread batches and sauces. Catering services are required to carry a food hygiene certificate, be registered with environmental health and have public liability insurance, which all effectively gives the client a guarantee that the food is safe and the caterers have hired are reliable. This is yet another advantage of hiring out a private catering company for an event. Catering companies that specialise in buffets, rather than hog roasts, often set the quote for the fee as being ‘per head.’ For example it may be £5 per head for a finger buffet and £10 per head for a sit down meal. A ‘finger buffet’ would typically consist of a selection of sandwiches, cocktail stick combinations (such as cheese and pineapple), perhaps also skewered kebabs, nuts, pork pies, salads, quiches and sweets. The catering company only has to provide the food, plates and disposable cutlery, unlike a hog roast where someone has to stay and carve the food for the guests. Consequently it is a slightly cheaper. Catering companies can be contacted online and clients can ask for a quote on a menu and service. However, it is essential to note that for anything involving meat, and hog roast catering, it is always recommended to use good locally sourced meat.

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