Corporate Catering Services For Perfect Event Planning – Catering Florida

Corporate Catering Services For Perfect Event Planning – Catering Florida
Special Event corporate catering Services

If you are planning for some event or party then getting the best corporate catering is must. Article contains some useful tips to plan a perfect party or event with corporate catering.

If you are planning for some occasion or celebration again accepting the best accumulated accouterment is must. Below is some important ambit one should yield affliction about while selecting corporate catering Services Company.

Type and Adage of the event: What blazon of accident you are organizing? Is it the accident academic accident or accidental one? What is the ambition and adage of this event?

People: Think about what are the humans traveling to appear this accident and how abounding accepted humans will appear to the party?

Successful corporate catering – A Guide to Accident Planning

Most corporate catering planning arrange are placed on the PA or secretary or agnate being and are usually on account of the bang-up or above aural the organization. The aftereffect is meant to impress, be able and abatement aural bread-and-butter constraints. If this assignment avalanche on you, actuality are some tips to an acknowledged result.
Plan ahead. Ensure you accept all your requirements at hand. Nothing is added arresting than accepting calls from under-prepared clients. Style, amount of humans attending, demographic of attendees, time of the event, continuance of the event,location, facilities, aliment and or cooler requirements and endure but not least, budget. Each breadth is discussed below.

Special Event Corporate CateringIf you reside in the Florida breadth and accept an accessible appropriate accident to plan, like an accumulated get-together, you’re acceptable starting to apprehend that throwing an acclaimed affair is no simple task. There is a lot that goes into accident planning; from accepting an authentic headcount on guests accessory to account the aliment to the decorations, there is a lot of anticipation and alertness abaft hosting an acknowledged event. However, there is one answerable way to accomplish abiding that your guests adore themselves – the food.

Since the cuisine at your accident has such an abundant appulse on your guest’s all-embracing experience, it is capital that you accept the appropriate Florida Corporate catering company.

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Corporate Catering for Perfect Event Planning

Corporate Catering for Perfect Event Planning

If you are planning for some event or party then getting the best corporate catering is must. below are some important parameters one should take care about while selecting corporate catering company.

Type and Motto of the event: What type of event you are organizing? Is it the event formal event or casual one? What is the goal and motto of this event?

People: Think about what are the people going to attend this event and how many expected people will come to the party?

Demographic: Also it is necessary to know that who are the guest. Most of them are male or female? Because if most of your guests are male you need to focus more on substantial food items but if females will be more in your party you need to focus on smaller, daintier food items. Also check that do you have some guest from far places too? If yes then what will be appropriate food for them? If they are coming from some cold place then you should arrange some hot food and drinks too

Also consider possibility of the attendees are form a particular cultural or religious sect and more thought and panning is required not to offend. All these are important parameters to consider while planning for perfect corporate event.

Party Time: Decide the start time of event follow time to serve dinner, dance party and closing time too. It is necessary to prevent any chaos during the party.

Also if you decide all this in advance, you will not need to check all this at the time of party will be going on. Also these steps will allow you to enjoy your party as a host.

Party Place: If possible visit the party place in advance. What is the geographic location? How huge is the place? Will it be sufficient for your guest to enjoy party? Where will the catering setup to be place? Is there a lift, a goods lift or just stairs? Does the venue have a kitchen or an area for a kitchen to be setup? Does the caterer need to set a kitchen space themselves?

All these are so important things to check before throwing a rocking corporate party to your friends.

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Top Tips For Organising Your Event Catering

Top Tips For Organising Your Event Catering

Organising an event can be a long and stressful process; and choosing your event caterers can be a rather daunting task. With this in mind, we have identified several top tips to help you to effectively organise your private event catering.

Know your guest numbers

Before you seek out potential caterers and request quotes, know your numbers! Ideally, the exact figure is best; however a ballpark figure is better than no figure at all.

The importance of knowing your numbers is clear – you don’t want to under-cater or massively over-cater for an event. Clearly for a sit down meal, knowledge of the exact number of guests will be more important than for a buffet, therefore the type of event also needs to be considered.

Sit down meal, buffet or canapés?

Identify the type of event which you are organising and establish your catering requirements early on. Do you require a sit down meal? A buffet? Canapés?

Identifying the type of catering you require will help you to shortlist appropriate companies and will also provide your potential caterer with some guidance with regards to menus, serving times, provision of staff etc.

Themed event, a single cuisine or multiple cuisines?

Cuisine is certainly an important consideration and for a themed event, may be a critical factor in the event’s success.

For instance, one popular theme is Indian food. Others may include traditional, Mexican and Chinese.

Some caterers, such as a restaurant offering its own catering service, may specialise solely in one cuisine. Whereas catering companies may be more flexible in their offerings, with a multitude of cuisines available under one roof.

Cater for specific dietary requirements

It is important to identify whether any special dietary requirements will need to be catered for.

This can include identifying anyone with the need for:

Gluten free food
Lactose free food
Vegan food
Vegetarian food
Halal/Kosher food

This will allow you to cater for everybody at your event, regardless of their specific dietary needs.

Is your venue equipped to prepare food?

Once you have a venue in mind, you will be able to assess their catering equipment. Some venues may have full kitchens available for use. Whereas others may not offer such facilities, thus your catering company will need to prepare all food off-site.

It is important that this information is communicated to all potential caterers as it will help you to choose the caterer who is best equipped to serve your event and they can gain a better understanding of your catering needs.


Additional services

Sometimes it is not just the catering service which you require. Your venue may not provide you with a bar; therefore you may need to ask for this when requesting your quotes. Further services may include a marquee, particularly for outdoor events. Or maybe even amenities such as toilets. Some companies can offer it all under one roof!


We hope our tips have helped to make the prospect of organising the catering for an event a little less daunting to you! Good luck, we hope your event is a success.

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