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7 Unusual Birthday Gifts for Girls

Birthdays have always been so special, none of us would like to miss them whether ours or of a friend. We can go to make this day extra special for the one who has their birthday on a certain day. Though the market is full of gifts still, there is no uniqueness in them. And as time is changing, the choice of people is changing too. Keeping all this in mind, below is a range of gifts that are perfect for a girls’ birthday.

Let us have a look at them and explore the creative side of the gifting industry.

Moroccan Coffee- One thing that helps take away all the stress on a hectic day is coffee. Lately, many new companies have emerged with unique coffee flavours to savour our thirst with them. For your girl-friend, choose one such coffee or a combo of varied flavours of coffee and present her.

Wall Stickers- Everyone has gone mad about those Pinterest decor items, and in that comes giant wall stickers. Surprise your friend with a wall-size world map sticker, and help her plan her travels with you. The sticker will not only help her do that but will also help her decorate her room to another level.

Book Page Holder- Almost everyone out there is crazy about reading novels, that are either motivational or have some intense content to relish. To such a bookwork friend of yours, present her with any book pages holding stands or clips. And this will make one of one the best birthday gifts for her.

Wind Chimes- Though, wind chimes have ruled the market back in the 2000s but guess what? They are back, and this time with another level of creativity. In the market, you will find chimes with a height of two to four feet, and others in the design of an octopus. The choice is yours, and the gift is hers.

Creative Planters- Market is all dolled up with unique and colourful designs in planters, but as you might have been to her place and knew her vibe, choose a good pair of planter for her, accordingly. Go for mason jar planters, hanging planters, kettle planters, girl portrait planters, etc.

Coffee Grinder- Nothing smells as fresh and relaxing than a handful of freshly brewed coffee powder. Not that you have chosen some coffee as a gift for her, why not gel it up with a grinder and make it a hit combo for her? Believe us, with every morning coffee that she will wake up and make for herself, would appreciate your gesture.

Swing Chair- remember the days when you two use to hang out on swings during school recess? Reunite those memories and help her swing all day long doing her work, on a comforting and cosy swing chair. The furniture market is all dolled with some crazy designs in vibrant colours.

So, yeah! This list is a little Hatke for a Hatke girl-friend of yours. Make her feel the love of your friendship, on her birthday with a gift out of her imagination.