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A Guide to Using Coffee Grinders

Eureka coffee grinders allow you to get the most out of your freshly brewed coffee. They break down the coffee into evenly sized pieces to guarantee a consistent extraction. This guide will teach you more about how it works and what makes a good coffee grinder. 

How do coffee grinders work?

Grinding your coffee to perfection will depend on your choice of grinder. These include a blade grinder, burr grinder, conical grinder, and flat grinder. 

Blade Grinder – This grinder uses little blades resembling that of a blender, rotating rapidly to chop the coffee beans. You might expect an uneven coffee grind that does not taste well. 

Burr Grinder – Also known as a burr mill, burr grinders are made up of two revolving burrs between which coffee is ground. The beans are crushed between a moving grinder wheel and a stationary surface. 

Conical Grinder – These feature a hollow cone-shaped ring that rests inside another open cone-shaped ring. Coffee beans are guided downward at a slight inclination via the burrs, although the course is mainly vertical.

Flat Grinder – These grinders produce a consistent grind at a fine level. They are harder to clean than conical burr grinders but perfect for that perfect espresso.

Choosing the best Coffee Grinder

One of the considerations in choosing a Eureka coffee grinder is grind size. To truly savor high-quality beans, grind them just before making your coffee, and make the grounds as fine and uniform in size. 

Apart from this, the actual size of the device should also be considered. It’s crucial to determine how much room you must work with. Make sure that your purchase will fit in the space you have in mind.

Finally, there is the motor power. This is relatively simple – a bigger motor means more power, which equals better-tasting espresso. 

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