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Best Light Shows to Catch in Singapore

Singapore, known for its stunning skyline and vibrant nightlife, offers a plethora of captivating light shows that dazzle visitors and locals alike. From dazzling displays of color to mesmerizing water and light choreography, here are some of the best light shows singapore:

Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show:

“Wonder Full” at Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s most iconic light shows. Held at the Marina Bay waterfront, this multimedia extravaganza combines dancing water fountains, laser lights, and stunning visual projections on a giant water screen. The show’s synchronized soundtrack and dazzling effects make it a must-see spectacle for visitors of all ages.

2. Gardens by the Bay – Garden Rhapsody:

“Garden Rhapsody” is a mesmerizing light and music show held at Gardens by the Bay. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Supertrees, this nightly spectacle features dazzling light displays that synchronize with music, creating a magical and immersive experience. Visitors can witness the Supertrees come alive with color and movement in this enchanting show.

Spectra – A Light and Water Show at Marina Bay Sands:

“Spectra” is another captivating light and water show located at Marina Bay Sands. Held at the Event Plaza along the waterfront promenade, this immersive experience combines dancing water jets, vibrant lights, and stunning visual projections set to an original soundtrack. The choreographed performance creates a dynamic and engaging spectacle for spectators.

Wings of Time at Sentosa:

“Wings of Time” is a multimedia night show held at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. Combining pyrotechnics, 3D effects, water jets, and laser lights, this magical show takes audiences on a journey through time and space. With its captivating storyline and stunning visual effects, “Wings of Time” offers a memorable and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa:

The “Crane Dance” is a spectacular light and sound show held at Resorts World Sentosa. Featuring a pair of mechanical cranes, the show tells the heartwarming tale of two mythical birds through a dazzling display of lights, music, and special effects. Audiences can witness the cranes come to life in this enchanting performance set against the backdrop of Sentosa’s waterfront.


Singapore’s vibrant cityscape comes alive after dark with a myriad of captivating light shows that offer unforgettable experiences for visitors. Whether it’s the iconic Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show, the mesmerizing Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay, or the magical Wings of Time at Sentosa, there’s no shortage of dazzling spectacles to light shows Singapore’s illuminated skyline.