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Five Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property in Australia

Fantastic lifestyle, beautiful natural landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere, Australia is undoubtedly the top pick of many travellers. Australia offers so many mesmerizing cities for you to live in, like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Living in Australia is expensive, so international buyers moving here cannot expect to save money. Indeed Australia ranks among the 6th most expensive countries globally and has the 12th highest cost of living, so its housing is also very costly.

Here is a list of the five most expensive cities to buy property in Australia.

  1.     Adelaide

Adelaide is a beautiful city and home to renowned art galleries. It is famous for its festivals and sporting events.

The cost of living in Adelaide is much higher than in many cities of Australia. There are many places to visit and enjoy here. Those who plan to live in Adelaide can buy an apartment at an average price of $600,300.

  1.     Perth

Perth is the 4rth most popular city in Australia. It is among the most famous tourist destinations. Perth is categorized among the most expensive cities in Australia.

This city offers so much to its residents. There are amazing parks, art galleries, Perth zoos, beaches, and so much more. Perth is a fantastic place to live. The people looking for property in Perth can buy a lovely apartment at an average price of $770,000.

  1.     Brisbane

It is a large city in Australia on the Brisbane River. This city is the capital of Queensland and is the third most populated city after Melbourne and Sydney.

It is among the fastest-growing and most diverse destinations in Australia. Brisbane is ranked as the 18th most livable city in the world. According to a headline recently, it is the best place to invest.

Real estate is also very high in Brisbane. You can buy a beautiful apartment at an average price of $800,000.

  1.     Melbourne

Melbourne is ranked as the world’s 99th most expensive city globally; though it ranks below Sydney it is more expensive than Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. It is a great place to live. It offers incredible art and culture scenes. There are many top universities, and this city offers an easy lifestyle.

Melbourne’s real estate is very expensive due to constructed land supply and extremely onerous planning approval processes. You can buy a nice apartment in Melbourne at an average price of $1,202,000.

  1.       Sydney

It is the capital and one of Australia’s major cities, best identified for its port front Sydney Opera House. Sydney is the most expensive and most spectacular city in Australia.

Sydney suburbs have reached one of the top favorite places for people to live by Australians High-earning residents. The property prices have reached so much high because of multiple factors, including limited government release of new land, low-interest rate, increasing borrowing capacity, and low repayments.

Many people are immigrating to Sydney, and there is not enough housing to provide for everyone. According to property experts Quick Property Buyer, you can buy a decent and furnished apartment in Sydney at an average price of $1,611,500.