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Heat Pumps

The heat pump is a thermodynamic device that recovers colors from one environment to transmit them to another environment.

In a more simplified way, the transfer of energy, contained in ambient air (aerodynamics), in underground water (vertical geothermal), or even on earth (horizontal geothermal).

The heat pump uses a thermodynamic group that uses the compression and decompression system to perform this conversion.

Functions Of Heat Pumps

First of all, we have to know from https://www.wolfersheating.com/heat-pumps-portland-or/ that all liquid bodies, or in the form of air, heat up when compressed and relaxed when decompressed.

Without this base, it would not be easy to understand such a function as heat pumps. A heat pump uses the state-changing properties of a refrigerant.

The Gas Contained In The Pumps

The fluids used in heat pumps and refrigerators have the particularity of remaining in a gas state when decompressed and in a liquid state when compacted.

A compressor compresses this fluid in a vapor state; when the pressure rises, the fluid changes to a liquid state and increases in temperature, and will circulate at high pressure until it passes through a condenser that will be in charge of recovering the calories and transmitting them to a secondary circuit which we call a heating circuit.

This already cooled fluid passes through a reducer to be decompressed and go to the state of gas, as it continues to circulate until it passes inside the evaporator to recover the calories contained in the air.

We can imagine that this gas cools when decompressed and enters the evaporator at a negative temperature. At this moment, it will recover the colors of the air while circulating inside the evaporator since it goes from negative temperature to average temperature before being compacted again. This cycle will be repeated indefinitely while the heat pump is in operation.

Reversible Heat Pump

Like the system described above and at https://www.wolfersheating.com/heating/heat-pumps/, the reversible heat pump works in the same way but can reverse the operating cycle. Instead of bringing the colors from the outer circuit to the inner circuit, the reversible pumps take the heat from the inner circuit to the outer circuit, thereby producing the cold necessary to refresh your home.

The Types Of Heat Pumps

  • Recovery of calories in the outdoor air to transmit to the indoor air. Be it air/air system, currently called air conditioning.
  • Recovery of calories in the outside air to transmit them to the interior in-floor heating or air/water radiators.
  • Recovery of colors in an external water circuit to transmit to the interior in the form of air. System Water/air.
  • Recovery of calories in an outdoor water circuit to transmit to another indoor water circuit. System/water