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Reasons to Switch to Online Education


According to the research firm Global Industry Analysts, the online education industry grew from $107 billion in 2015 and is set to go up to $325 billion by 2025. As per another research report, student satisfaction with online learning is very high- 94% say it has or will have a positive ROI, and 95% say they would recommend online education to others. That reason alone should be sufficient to switch to online education. But let us make a rational case below. 

Proper education with continuity is crucial for every learner. Missing out on learning, for a short or long period, is detrimental to a student’s academics. For instance, currently when the schools, colleges, etc. are not operational, shifting to online learning solutions seems to be a viable solution to fill the learning gap. 

However, irrespective of the circumstances, online education has grown in popularity over the years due to its incredible benefits.

Here is a list of some major advantages of digital education that will change your take on it;

Remote learning was never easier!

A major advantage of online learning is that irrespective of the location, you can gain access to high-quality learning. All you need is an uninterrupted internet facility and a computer or mobile phone. Gradually, over the years, several reputed formal educational institutes around the world have initiated online learning programs. In fact, some of the highly prestigious schools, such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, have also been offering full, non-credit courses online for free, through massive open online courses.

If you wish to get started with online education, you can simply download a reliable learning app and access it anytime, anywhere as per your choice.

Online learning is highly engaging

According to a study by California State University in San Bernardino, it was found that two different sets of students, one group who studied online and the other who went to regular class performed equally. However, the students who chose the online medium of instruction participated more actively and were keener to interact with their teachers.

Now, the question ariseswhat makes eLearning appealing?

Intelligently designed video content, digital study modules, eBooks and one-click analytics for performance feedback make eLearning a lucrative alternative to traditional education. Opposed to a rigid classroom schedule, online education allows students to study when they are wanting and are receptive to new information & willing to learn.  

Online learning enables better control over your study schedule

Online learning is quite flexible since it allows a learner to study at their own pace. So, students who require more time to cover a particular topic need not stress out and can manage to learn their lessons as per their convenience. 

Online learning is worth every penny spent

Affordability & accessibility make online education an attractive prospect for school & college students alike. It is actually the flexibility & remote access to quality education that makes online learning standout from other modes of education. Further, e-Learning tools like Learnflix give the advantage of personalized feedback. This is often not possible for each and every student in a physical classroom where teacher-to-student ratio is often high. Personalized learning apps solve this by providing instant focused analytics that the students can use to evaluate their performance. They can also access online support from the faculty to resolve their queries. 

Online Education is a boon to modern-day learners. Apps like Learnflix are boosting the eLearning uptrend with their highly affordable & highly effective platforms. Download the app now if you are in 6-10th standard & kick-start your journey to being the next class-topper!