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Some Great Garage Storage Ideas

Get Rid of the Dumping Ground

It’s easy to get into the habit of using a garage as the dumping ground for tools, buckets, paintbrushes and paint tins and other discarded DIY items. The garage can become cluttered and dirty, but before allowing it to reach that point, it’s necessary to stop and take a look at the preventative measures that can be put into action. A preventative measure is starting to look at the quality of your entrance and if this is in need of repair or replacement. Once you have a clear route into the garage other things you can add are cupboards and cabinets to shelving and storage options overhead, there are many ways to organise that unmanageable clutter.

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Floor-to-ceiling shelf solutions use moveable brackets on runners which are fixed and they can provide storage for a range of different items. Other solutions offer storage for stacking, hanging and placing items out of view as well as Longspan options that make the most of the storage space that you have available. This system often comes with a pegboard-style panel.

For green-fingered enthusiasts, a storage solution in the form of a rack means tools can be lifted off the floor. Smaller versions of the same item are ideal for screwdrivers and hammers to prevent unnecessary rummaging through a box.

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Get Creative with Storage

Strong and sturdy Shelving can be obtained from stores And you can get creative with your storage.  According to Better Homes magazine, one blogger has transformed her garage into a home from home using shelving and other additional ideas.

Of course, you can always hoist your larger items off the floor. Ceiling storage comes in many forms and is perfect for storing bicycles, kayaks and camping equipment. A hoist is an ideal method of creating storage overhead.

Reclaimed furniture or upcycled old items from salvage yards can create appealing and attractive storage units. Open shelves are ideal for items you use regularly, while glass doors can be fitted to cabinets to secure more valuable items. You can customise these to whatever size you want while making them both stylish and eye catching.

A pegboard is a versatile solution and not something that the majority of DIY enthusiasts would immediately think of. They can be used to hang paint brushes, hammers, saws and cleaning materials. And as an added bonus, small shelves can be added in.

Clear storage boxes or bins are perfect to keep smaller items in a tidy fashion. These can easily be stacked on top of one another on shelves. They will also provide protection against damp and mould.`