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The Dos and Don’ts of Aesthetic Procedures That You Need to Know

Before humans learn about the psychological truth of why they love beauty, it is part of their nature that runs for centuries. Regardless of race, sex, religion, and nationality, we cannot deny we are more attracted to people with beautiful faces.

In this era of technology where people boast about their looks on social media, it is hard to resist the temptation and not jump on the bandwagon. That is why if you look at this statistic, you would see the growth of the aesthetic industry during the past years. Of course, those numbers are not only in the United States of America, but they also apply to the rest of the world.

Therefore, if you plan to get aesthetic procedures like skin tightening in Singapore, you should know what to do and avoid. Doing so should help you get the most out of it and enjoy the optimal results.

To make that happen, take note and follow these things below.

What Are the Dos When Getting Aesthetic Procedures?

While aesthetic procedures today are a lot safer compared to 100 years ago, you should not be complacent since your actions can do harm and reduce their effectiveness. To prevent that, make sure you do the following.


Before you go to any dermatology clinic, you should see your primary care doctor first. They have to assess your health and verify if you are physically healthy to get an aesthetic procedure.

Once they conclude that you are, ask them to write those down and bring that document to your preferred dermatologist. This piece of paper will help them in preparing the treatment.


You have to do this at least the night before and the morning when you get the aesthetic procedure. The same goes for skin allergy tests in Singapore since they need to prick your skin to know what substance or component you are allergic to.

If you go there without a shower, you would not only smell, but you would also be at risk of infection due to bacteria. That is why you should keep yourself clean.


Besides keeping yourself clean, you should also do the same within. That means you would drink enough water so your body would be hydrated. When that happens, you would be able to recover faster after the aesthetic procedure ends.


Swelling, redness, and itchiness are some of the side effects people often encounter after getting aesthetic procedures. But do not worry since they will all go away after a few hours or days. Just make sure while your skin is recovering, you should apply some ice pack for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce the inflammation and discomfort.


This kind of outfit is not only comfortable but also easy to remove. If you wear these garments to your aesthetic procedure appointment, you would not need to worry since they could not cause friction to the targeted areas. Even more, if you are planning to get an eczema procedure in Singapore.


Going there with no makeup would help the dermatologist a lot. Besides assessing your actual skin condition, they no longer have to do an intense prep up since there is no cosmetics to remove.

But you have to guarantee there is no makeup residue left on your skin. Otherwise, those would affect the aesthetic procedure you would get.

What Are the Don’ts  When Getting Aesthetic Procedures?


When there are DOs, naturally, they would be don’ts. They are things you should not do when getting aesthetic procedures like face slimming in Singapore. Otherwise, its effectiveness would decline, and you would not get an optimal result.

That is why you should watch out and try not to do any of these things below. Make sure to avoid all of them at all costs!


Whatever method you use to smoke, the chemicals and drugs in them are the same. The effects of those substances do not change, and they remain to reduce the blow flow. As such, your skin might take a while before it recovers.


The same goes for alcohol since it can increase the inflammation rate. That is why every dermatologist recommends their patient to drink one at least 24 hours before the aesthetic procedure.


Tanning your skin might sound like a good idea, but before or after the aesthetic procedure. You should know if you do it, your skin would scar. Therefore, you should stay away from tanning, along with other aesthetic procedures, if you are planning to get one.


No matter what happens, do not take any medicine unless your dermatologist says so. Otherwise, the result will be different, and your skin might not absorb the aesthetic procedure well. When that happens, you might have to get another skin tightening or whatever treatment in Singapore.


Becoming beautiful does not happen overnight. That is why you should not judge the aesthetic procedure right away. You should at least wait for six months or the recommended timeline of your dermatologist.


If you do these, the dermatologist would not be able to help you. You should know that doctors cannot read anyone’s mind. They can only help you become better if you tell them what you have in mind.

Are You Ready to Restore Your Youth With Aesthetic Procedures?


Being ready to restore your youthful appearance with aesthetic procedures means two things. You are mentally prepared to improve your looks and have enough money for the treatment you would want to get.

You should know the price you have to pay to get one, like a face slimming in Singapore is not just about the bill, but also the time effort you would spend and exert during the entire process. That is why give yourself some time to think things through before you make any decision.

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