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The Wife from Vietnam for You

After more than two months of paperwork, you can finally complete the procedures to register your marriage and validate it in respective countries. It will be a few busy weeks, with several trips not exempt from the odd rush, although nothing that cannot be faced with a little organization, patience and help from other countrymen who have already gone through the process.

For this reason, taking advantage of the fact that the details are still fresh, today we would like to offer you a guide of your own elaboration for all those who are in a situation similar to ours.We go in parts. For the vietnamese dating you can opt for the best deal there.

Where do we get married?

As indicated by the title of the entry, this guide is intended for those who want to get married in Vietnam to immediately register their marriage at the Spanish consulate. It is possible that many couples consider getting married first, but if you have met in Vietnam and study or work there, it will surely be easier for you to start the process in your partner’s hometown. In our case, at first we planned to get married during a vacation visit to Navarra, but then we realized that it was much more reasonable for us to enjoy our time and leave the paperwork for when we were back in Vietnam.

Now, if you have a visit to your country scheduled before returning to Vietnam and embarking on this bureaucratic adventure, we recommend that you get a copy of your birth certificate, since this document cannot be provided at the consulates, and It is necessary to register the marriage and obtain the family book.

For those of you who stay in Vietnam, we suppose that a family member or friend could request and send the document to you, but do it in time, since, although it is only required in the final part of the process, its processing and shipping can take several weeks. You can go for the asiame.com reviews  there. Asiame.com happens to be the best platform where you can find your favored Vietnamese wife.

The advantages of being registered at the consulate

We know very well that registering at the consulate can be very lazy when you live far from Vietnam, but, in my experience, it is a great advantage when starting the necessary procedures. Of course, you can always ask them to process and send you the necessary documents from Spain, but by being registered at the consulate you can obtain the faith of life and marital status just by showing up there, and it is also very possible that they can make a translation for you sworn to Vietnamese, so that the Vietnamese authorities recognize it and do not fault you.

The necessary documents to get married in Vietnam

In principle, the documents required to get married in Vietnam are not out of this world, although you will be required to have them translated by a competent agent, a requirement that is not exactly cheap. In any case, it is important to have cleared the certificates to be presented by each of the parties.