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Try to Know about Various Parts of a Vape Pen

Vape pens are small pen shaped vaporizers, which is also called as e-cigarette. Typically, they are discrete, convenient to use, and also quite cheaper than any robust portable vaporizers/stationary vaporizers. 

Vape pens will always utilize conduction method of heating instead of convection heating method, hence makes it is important that you must understand how you must operate it to make sure that your product will not get overheated. There are many different varieties of vape pens available at Psychonaut vape shop.

Here we will try to look at different parts that constitute your vape pen, and how all these parts function.

  1. Battery

For you vape pen, the battery will be its main source of power. Your vape pen will be using stored electric power available in the battery to convert it into necessary heat for vaporizing your dry flower, extracts or oil.

Batteries for vape pen are available in many different sizes and shapes, which is having a style of a slim ink pen to even large, powerful units, or some size in between. 

  1. Atomizer

Atomizer is actually the part of vape pen, which will convert your battery’s power into heat. Actually, in the atomizer all your vape material will be turned into a flavorful vapor.

In any oil or wax vape pen, atomizer is usually set of coils, wrapped around a cotton or ceramic wick. Power will be fed through coil, turning it into red hot and then vaporizing your oil or wax.

  1. Chamber or tank

Actually, this is the only part of vape that will hold your vape material. If it is an oil or liquid vape, then usually this is called a tank, in case it is refillable or cartridge. If it is disposable then it comes as single unit with atomizer. 

In any dry herb or wax vape pen, usually this is called as chamber. Irrespective of what you may call it, this important part of vape pen is the place where you will load your entire vape material.

Few smaller wax vapes may not have any tank or chamber, so you have to load directly the vape material onto atomizer. As they only hold small quantity of extract, such type of vapes has to be again loaded after each use.

  1. Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of vape pen is actually its tip, and it is the place where vapor will be funneled to user who is to be inhaled. These mouthpieces may vary in shape, however are usually designed such that it can fit comfortably in your lips for smooth hit.