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Wildz Casino – A new online casino star


The new online casino went online in the middle of last year and took a step in a highly competitive territory. Because new online casinos are constantly coming onto the market and only very few can prevail. So as a new online casino, Wildz Casino had no easy starting requirements. Find out in our article on how the young online casino is able to assert itself and why it is to be seen as a serious competitor of the established online casinos in 2020.

Wildz Casino kicks off in July
On July 7, 2019, the casino opened its doors to the online gambling community. Before the time came, the employees of Rootz Ltd, the company behind the casino, of course, had long and detailed preparatory work. Rootz Ltd has long been known in the industry for the development of first-class software – but it did not start to develop its own online casino there until 2017. So it took two whole years for the company to conceptualize and develop its own online casino. On July 7th, the time had come and the first players could register and enjoy a very attractive market welcome bonus. The casino had announced their start with very good starting conditions on several platforms just a couple of weeks before. A lot of players registered at the very beginning and with that large number of players, the first big winnings came along and kindled the growth even further, because the news of big winnings still attracts more new players.

Development from Wildz until December
Due to the ever-growing player community, Wildz Casino claims to have given a total of 45 million free spins by December, which definitely shows exponential growth. The Wildz casino has only been rated top at casino comparison sites. As a result, the casino was able to get more and more large software providers at their website, which also repeatedly boosted player growth. In this way, the Wildz Casino has already built up a portfolio as big as the established casinos. The live casino legend, Evolution Gaming, even provides an exclusive Wildz Black Jack table.

Big Advent bonus offensive at Wildz
In December, in addition to the welcome offer, the Wildz Casino started its largest bonus offer offensive to date. Every day, new bonuses were available to players through a bonus advent calendar. The focus here was again on free spins, but deposit bonuses and much more were also given. In these few weeks alone, the casino again awarded 8 million free spins – absolutely commendable. During this time, the casino is also transformed into a really wintry-looking landscape, in which one really enjoyed spending time. There were a few slot machines that were decorated with Christmas motifs by the software providers, which of course was also well received by the players.

End of the year at the Wildz Casino
Of course, the employees had a good feeling about the market start. But first when the business analysis was finished, everyone could gladly be sure and one could publish this good news officially. So the hard work was worth it and the casino managed to gain a permanent place in the world of online casinos. It is also certain that the casino will not rest on that, because the employees are already working on a form of Wildz 2.0. It has not yet been announced, what exactly it is going to be, but there will be a few important and good technical innovations in it for sure. And when the time comes, there will certainly be a massive wave of offers again. The Established Online Casinos should definitely take this newcomer seriously, because sooner or later its innovative strength could make them dangerous. Nevertheless the Wildz Casino is starting the new year rather slowly after a strong New Year’s Eve party with a great bonus and all the good work that the employees had done in the previous year.

The Wildz Casino is definitely worth a visit. The big profits, the good reviews and much more definitely speak for it. Especially for new players, the Wildz Casino still offers very good conditions. So if you are interested, read the rating from a casino expert, such as www.casibonus.de and then try your luck at the Wildz Casino.