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Keep Your Customers Happy With The Best Cash Discount Merchant Program

Even if you save that one penny it fills you with relief, doesn’t it? Just imagine standing in the long queue for billing and the retailer provides you with a cash discount for paying through cash at the counter, feels special, right? The North American Bancard EDGE Merchant cash discount program is the best cash discount program merchants could ever receive right now around the globe.

Providing your merchants with the best services possible by providing benefits in their favor is a sure fire way to make them happy. Promising the merchants with the best cash discount program helps them by making the cost of accepting payments everywhere 2% – 4% cheaper.

Why set your sight on the North American Bancard EDGE Merchant Cash Discount Program?

A few noteworthy features make them an exclusively profitable cast discount program available for every merchant around the world. Let’s discuss in brief!

  • No cost to the merchant

The discount you provide to the merchants will yield them higher profits as this particular program is designed in the manner so it can eliminate fees for the merchant and direct it to the consumer. The savings might look minimal but when dozens are taken to consideration for a longer time period, it turns out an excellent program. New enrolment doesn’t charge the merchants in fact they have a lot to benefit from it.

  • No contract

Non-contractual trials are available for each merchant. They can go for a test drive with this discount program and notice how it affects their business and then decide to continue any further or not. A no-obligation program that helps builds the trust between the merchant and you. The positive impact on the revenue might help them see the difference to join hands with this program.

  • Free equipment

To make transition easier free equipment is also provided for the merchant’s benefit. An updated POS system is also given to your merchant that helps the switch to the best cash discount program a piece of cake and buttery smooth as well! Apart from the POS system signage and marketing materials are provided to spread awareness among the mass about the program.

  • Easy to explain

The major hurdle which often prevents the merchants to take that leap is the fear of angering their long term customers. Now to change that mind-set by a very casual approach and making it easy to explain is quite a challenge. This program makes it all easy going as its terms are simple and easily understood without disrupting the bond between the merchant and their customers.

How all of it works

Now to show what happens after implementation of the program a short guide is provided by these two methods:

  • Cash payment
  • Plastic payment


Using this best cash discount program renders useful for all the merchants as it helps them receive a hike in their profit margin at the end of the day. It is a great step taken by North American Bancard EDGE for every merchant.

And, amid today’s digital revolution, companies are exploring innovative avenues for growth. One compelling option is to become a merchant processor. By embracing this role, businesses can streamline payments, attract more clients, and establish themselves as crucial players in the financial ecosystem. It’s a strategic move toward sustained success.