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The Buskro Atom Commercial Inkjet System

For quite a while, inkjet systems and mailing equipment labored with two technologies with regards to addressing envelopes and speed imaging: cartridge based (thermal) or systems involving permanent “commercial” printheads.

Cartidge systems allow us in recognition since the initial purchase price is low and they also require little maintenance, compared to commercial printheads. However the price of a great deal it’s frequently as much as $.75 per ml. Pretty pricey, this means you will accumulate fast when printing in volume. Furthermore, you will find limits concerning the cartridge ink can provide in relation to speed, dry time, and adhesion. Cartridge inks adhere poorly to aqueous coated media and the process is slow and pricey. As being a commercial inkjet system, cartridge inkjets leave an excellent be preferred.

Many of it for commercial inkjet systems with permanent printheads might cost under $.35 per ml (greater than 50% under cartridge inks). They frequently run at greater speeds, since the ink dries faster and adheres better… even on aqueous coated materials. There’s however still that specific barrier for many printers and mailers: the tools purchase cost is over the top. Up to now!

Buskro chosen over interrupt this barrier, and they also developed the Buskro Atom-a totally new commercial printhead system obtaining a minimal, low purchase cost.

Like Buskro’s other printheads, the Atom offers over 2.5″ of vertical print space per printhead… ample space by having an address or ID bar code. Really, it is the same printhead present in Buskro’s 2500 series, nonetheless a lot of it pumping hardware is certainly located within the printhead setup. It offers a number of these functions:

Considerably lower ink and printing costs

High speeds around the greater diversity of materials, including aqueous coated stocks

Capacity to utilize Ultra crimson cured ink OR aggressive solvent inks

Low maintenance, extended lasting printheads

Easy, simplified set-an eye on less prep time

All of this makes all the Buskro Atom worth the small investment… nonetheless they have added another feature. The program interface enables you to utilize your own personal PC to operate it. This really is frequently an initial available inkjet market within the high volume print industry. It eliminates the price of the ‘specialized’ proprietary computer.

Furthermore, the Buskro Atom can be purchased as being a systems alone, or added just as one upgrade for the existing inkjet system.