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10 Reasons to Get More Than an Elliptical Machine for Your Home



Going to the gym might be absolute agony. Moreover, who wants to pay for expensive gym memberships when you can gain direct access to a home gym in Singapore? Anyone serious about staying fit should invest in a home gym.


10 Reasons to Own a Home Gym

When you work out at home, you avoid the possible disadvantages of commercial gym exercise life. Most economical gyms may not even have the necessary equipment to train for your sport. Having fitness equipment at home beyond an elliptical machine is essential. The following are ten logical reasons to have a gym in your home.

#1 No Need for Commuting

One of the most prominent obstacles for gym-goers is the commute. They would have to battle traffic––twice! It can take more energy to drive to and from to meet your cross trainer at a gym in Singapore. On the other hand, your planned 45-minute workout will be just that with a home gym. There will be no preparation, driving, socialising and dressing up again. It saves you time, money, effort and energy.

#2 Year-Round Unlimited Access

Getting to the gym can be challenging at times, if not impossible. Having a home gym can make it okay to miss out on a planned workout due to an impromptu schedule. You can exercise comfortably and safely from home anytime you choose, even with just an elliptical machine. You do not have to postpone exercising, whether it is a holiday or another epidemic.

#3 Better Workout Routine Compliance

Adults should obtain at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, one hour and fifteen minutes of strenuous exercise per week, or a combination of the two. Experts also advise spreading your workouts across the week and including muscle-building routines at least twice a week. Access to workout equipment in your home can help you overcome obstacles to accomplishing your fitness objectives. Most cardio workouts do not require a gym bench for execution.

#4 A Safer Space

Like many Southeast Asian nations, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and religions. Additionally, the world has become more open to diversity and inclusivity. Still, most individuals do not feel safe going to their local gyms.

It is why having direct access to a home gym, even in Singapore, is more beneficial. Most–if not all–gyms on the island have no designated changing and locker rooms for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The country is one of the most conservative nations on this issue. Furthermore, most gyms are not accessible to most disabled individuals. Aside from that, women can still experience harassment from other gym goers.

#5 More Privacy

Most people are conscious of the opinions of their peers, especially in the Asian community. It makes it more appealing to have direct access to equipment with home gym setups, especially in Singapore. A home gym is an excellent method to lift weights without feeling obligated to perform at a specific level of strength for the sake of others. It can save you from injuries due to straining to perform at a level beyond your capacity. Moreover, exercising should help you relieve stress, not stress you out more.



#6 Substantial Savings Over Time

It can save you more money when you compare your upfront fees, like getting a monthly gym membership and gas expenses you pay over time. Furthermore, most equipment retains its worth rather well. It allows you to resell your equipment if you change your mind or want to upgrade to other goods. Get in touch with a reputable gym equipment supplier to access quality equipment that can last you a long time.

#7 Participate in Housework

Generally, each member of a typical Asian family has to participate in completing housework. It is even more crucial if you live by yourself since all responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Direct access to equipment at home instead of a gym somewhere in Singapore lets you attend to these tasks more efficiently.

#8 No Rules

There are no rules in your home gym. No one expects you to keep track and adhere to various gym etiquette. You can run on the treadmill or sit at an elliptical machine for however long you want while listening to your favourite workout tracks. No one will judge you if you lie on the gym mat after a round of the intense workout. Tidying up can also not be an option if you are too tired to bother. You can do it later or the next day.

#9 Avoid Waiting Time

You can immediately use a curler or press machine since no one else will be using the gym but you. You won’t have to wait for someone to finish. The exercise machine and equipment you need will always be open. There will be no compulsion to always inform the individual waiting for the gym bench to be vacant that it is your final set. Nothing can stop you from getting in and out of the gym as quickly as possible with a home gym.

#10 It is Just for You

Creating a home gym provides an inspiring environment you will want to spend your valuable time. You may select the equipment most suited to the workouts you will be doing. Even if COVID rates in your neighbourhood are high, working out in your gym keeps your training sessions with your gym or cross trainer in Singapore safe. It is your equipment, and you know when you cleaned it last.

You can work out in your home gym with a buddy, a partner, or a big group of buddies if you enjoy doing so. There is no additional payment, no time limit, and no disclaimers to sign. Even if your training partner does not work out with you, you may always ask them for a favour whenever you require spotting.

Create Your Home Gym Now!

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