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3 Aircon Repair Misconceptions In Singapore

A dirty aircon is an incompetent aircon. Dirt hinders the performance of your air conditioning unit; it blocks the airflow, encourages leaks, and triggers health conditions, such as asthma and allergies. Despite all these, some people are still reluctant about aircon repair in Singapore due to myths and misconceptions.

Here are the common myths and misconceptions about aircon troubleshooting and repair:

MYTH #1: Aircon servicing is expensive.

There is a truth behind this myth, but it is more of the owner’s fault. There are several reasons why aircon repair is expensive.

Firstly, the owner sent the equipment late. Owners must bring their unit to the servicing unit at the first sign of damage or faulty aircon. The technicians can still prevent the issue while it is still manageable. Moreover, the price for the repair is low. Neglecting the aircon issues escalates the damage, requiring more resources to fix it; therefore, much more expensive.

Secondly, the aircon unit is old and outdated. When your aircon unit is ten years old, it will be harder to find spare parts for the broken components.

You can reduce the servicing price by having regular aircon chemical cleaning and maintenance.

MYTH #2: Owners can fix their aircon

Your air conditioning unit is a complicated electronic component. There are many situations where owners do more damage to the AC in an attempt to fix it. It will only result in more expenses for repair or buying a new unit.

Only a licensed technician should fix your AC. They can identify the issues of your unit and perform the appropriate repair. Moreover, you can guarantee your air conditioning unit is safe to use again.

MYTH #3: Working AC unit does not need repair

As long as the aircon unit works, it does not need repair. This belief is dangerous. It is true that some AC components are working properly, but there is debris, dirt, leaks, and more that hinder their performance. Restricted performance consumes more electricity. Always ensure regular aircon chemical overhaul and repair.

You will only send the aircon chemical wash and repair price skyrocketing if you believe in these myths! Get aircon servicing at Coldway Aircon Service Singapore.