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4 Mistakes in Choosing an Indoor Air Purifier in Singapore

One question to ask ourselves is this: ‘Do we need to buy an air purifier in Singapore?’ Even if you keep the house clean, it might not be enough for our spaces. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to the effects of unclean air. This problem is further exacerbated in urban environments like the streets and neighbourhoods of Singapore. We have to be cautious because manmade structures and inventions like air conditioning units and cars produce fumes that mix into the air we breathe.

More people means there are more chances for carbon emissions and lower air quality. The events of the past years are a sobering reminder of airborne diseases. Even if COVID was not an airborne disease, we would like to lower our chances of catching illnesses by increasing the air quality. When we get an air filter in Singapore,  we can avoid most of the negative effects of poor air quality.

Here are just a few things that may happen when you do not have an air purifier.

1) You can accidentally trigger your allergies and other related conditions such as asthma

2) You experience long-term risks of chronic conditions and diseases, especially those that affect the respiratory system. Examples include lung cancer and heart disease.

3) You expose yourself to harmful pathogens, dust, dirt, and other debris that you may breathe in and harm your body.

4) You go through the degradation of your mental and emotional health

No one wants to go through any of these side effects. If you have the means, then you should do all you can to protect your indoor spaces by keeping the air clean. Cleaner air means healthier and longer lives, with the added benefit of avoiding pesky chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma. You may also dispel unpleasant odours much faster.

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

Achieving better air quality is the new goal that many people who live in urban areas should have. But the question now is how to get it. Fortunately, many companies have foreseen this need and developed devices capable of cleaning and purifying your home. The device you should be using is called the indoor air purifier.  If you’re not yet familiar, air purifiers are equipment that can remove contaminants in indoor spaces and improve overall air quality.

You can find many types of air purifying devices. Some are portable, others have built-in features that clean more effectively, others are small and installed in automobiles, and some are add-ons to previously existing air conditioning systems. Air purifying devices may not be a staple in every home, but their presence should be a given. They do not only benefit those with health concerns. People with clean homes may not be able to notice a huge difference in their spaces, but air purifiers will matter in many other ways.

If you are not yet familiar, air purifiers are equipment that can remove contaminants in the air and improve the overall air quality within your home. If you are interested in buying the best air purifier in Singapore, make sure you only use the one that is the right fit for your room. If you buy the wrong one, it might not clean your home as effectively as another one suited for your space. That is why you should avoid specific mistakes when choosing your air purifier.

4 Mistakes When Choosing an Air Purifier


Companies have designed air purifiers to keep the air you breathe clean and free of contaminants. A good air purifier will filter out impurities in the air and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. What happens when an air purifier does not do its job properly is why you should take the job of choosing an air purifier seriously. Thankfully, there is a list of common mistakes that people make when choosing an air purifier. Here are a few you should avoid.

1) Buying the wrong air purifier size

Check the air purifier’s size. An indoor air purifier that is the wrong size for the room it is in will encounter energy efficiency problems. One that is too big may expend more energy than it needs, and one that is too small will have to work harder to do its job, which may lead to breakage. Choose the right size of air purifier. Make sure it fits exactly in its spot. Any gaps may reduce the efficiency of its air purification functions.

2) Not considering the costs and hassle associated with maintenance.

If your air purifier breaks down during regular use, you would want a chance to fix it instead of looking for a costly replacement at first. Make sure you have taken the costs of maintaining your air purifier before you buy them– ask yourself whether it is easy to maintain or fix the unit you will buy.

3) Not conducting research before buying

There are many types of air purifiers you can buy, from large to small ones, and even the type of purification it may do. For example, the HEPA air purifier purifies the air using a HEPA air filter in Singapore. An ionised air purifier uses ionised particles to cling to dirt and purify the air in a room. If you do not know what type of air purifier you need, then perhaps you need to do your research before buying anything.

4) You do not have any way of checking the air quality in your rooms and spaces

If you do not have an air quality indicator, you may want to buy an air purifying unit that has one. This is the only way you can tell whether your air purifier works and whether you need a new air purifier. Get an air quality indicator to check the air quality in your rooms.

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