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4 Reasons to Opt for an Electric Car Rental in Singapore


As the new decade of motoring begins, electric vehicles (or EVs) are becoming more popular. People no longer regard them as ‘unusual’ or ‘quirky.’ Hence, the popularity of EVs has rapidly grown among motorists worldwide. Nowadays, finding an electric car rental around Singapore or abroad is more common.

5 Considerations Before Renting an EV

Many short and long term car lease firms in Singapore now provide environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered rental cars. However, renting an EV necessitates planning, some research, and understanding.

Many new EVs (particularly Teslas) do not operate in the same way as traditional gas-powered vehicles. Nevertheless, that should not deter you from giving it a shot. Renting an EV to see if you like the experience before investing in one can be relatively simple with a few tips and preparation. Here are five factors you should consider before looking for an electric car rental in Singapore.

#1 Establish How You Will Use the Vehicle

Your manner of using the rental car is critical in determining how and where to charge it. The range can be an issue, so choose your vehicle based on your intended use. Determine your prospective mileage to establish how fast you will deplete the battery and if you might need to stop somewhere.

#2 Learn the Driving Range of Each Prospective Vehicle

Most rental EVs have a range of more than 320km when fully charged. Electric car rental companies in Singapore should have detailed information about the vehicle. However, this will still vary depending on how, when, and where you drive it. Recharging an EV can take some time. Hence, how far you can travel on a single charge is crucial. Nevertheless, driving carefully and slowly in warmer weather and considering efficiency increases your chances of getting the advertised range significantly.

#3 Master Controlling the Car

Reviewing materials about your rental will save you a lot of trouble. Renting any Tesla model for the first time will involve a substantial learning curve. Much of the way a Tesla model operates is not intuitive and differs significantly from other cars. However, some firms offer EV models from Kia, Nissan and Mercedes in their leasing offer in Singapore. These vehicles operate more like traditional cars.

#4 Plan How You Will Charge the Vehicle

The most challenging aspect of renting an electric car will be charging it. Recharging a modern EV with household power will take some time. Teslas are extremely popular today. Although there is a substantial network of Tesla Superchargers abroad, only a few areas on the island cater to Tesla car models. Charging a Tesla at a non-Tesla charger necessitates the use of an adapter. However, do not worry since daily rental car firms in Singapore typically include the adapters in the rental car kit.

#5 Locate EV Charging Stations

Downloadable smartphone apps that can direct you to the nearest charging hubs are available nowadays. Ensure to install one on your phone before you leave on your trip. However, DC fast chargers are typically along major highways. It can limit your route options to charger locations rather than the shortest distance. You can also ask your electric car rental firm in Singapore about their suggestions regarding charging duration and hub locations.

Opting for an electric car rental in Singapore is a great way to experience the EV lifestyle without purchasing one. It may also be less expensive than refuelling a rental car with gasoline. However, the charging method will influence how much power you save. If you are new to EV use, evaluating your rental use case based on the above criteria is critical.


Advantages of Renting an Electric Vehicle

Since the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) by various car manufacturers, more people have opted for a more environmentally friendly, efficient option over traditional fuel-dependent vehicles.

However, most cannot afford EVs since they are more expensive than regular vehicles. The following are the four benefits of opting for an electric car rental in Singapore.

#1 Fuel-Efficient

EVs do not use fuel to run. You can save significant money since fuel costs are not part of your budget. Furthermore, no gas means fewer emissions, which is good for the environment and will assist you in lowering your carbon footprint. Nevertheless, choosing an EV for a long term car lease in Singapore can be expensive.

#2 Fewer Maintenance Requirements

EVs require less maintenance than internal combustion engines because they have fewer moving parts. Furthermore, electric vehicles do not require frequent oil changes, and brakes are known to last longer due to regenerative braking, resulting in less wear and tear.

#3 More Sustainable

EVs are environmentally-friendly options. Daily car rental firms in Singapore that offer them in their lineup will have a competitive advantage. Customers are more aware of environmental issues and strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Nevertheless, most of them will choose eco-friendly businesses.

#4 Sets an Example

Most EVs are at the higher end of the price spectrum. However, there are a few budget-friendly models on the market. Daily car rental firms around Singapore know having various cars available for their clients will let them reach a wider audience. It allows them to cater to the preferences of many customers from different financial backgrounds.

There are plenty of other reasons to like EVs. It is for this reason many electric car rental firms are emerging around Singapore. Some traditional firms have also incorporated the vehicles into their operations. It is an opportunity to demonstrate to customers that they are an environmentally conscious company, which puts them ahead of the competition.

Approach a Reputable Rental Firm

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