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4 Things To Know To Achieve A Professional-Grade Videography

Whether you’re planning to host live streaming events or make your video project for business, personal or marketing, we all wanted the final output to look ‘professional’ in terms of quality.

To create a well-polished, stunning and professional-looking video, you don’t need to own high-end, expensive equipment or hire a top-notch video production in Singapore. All you need is planning and attention to detail that may not seem too obvious at first but can impact your craft. Without further ado, here are preparation tips for more professional-looking videos:

Know what story to tell

One of the most common reasons audiences quickly lose their interest and walk away is the absence of a storytelling element. A short video clip can make an impact based on what you show to your viewers, whether it’s a realistic portrayal, observation about human conditions, a witty anecdote or a profound philosophy.

Know proper lighting techniques

Even if you’re hosting a corporate photo shoot and not shooting a video, you will still need proper lighting for your stills. In videos, lighting techniques can also make or break the quality of your shoots. Even if you have an idea about cinematography, your lighting will determine the mood and atmosphere. It can also help tell stories.

Know your composition

Shooting a video is more than just aiming your camera. Even if you’re not an experienced or veteran filmmaker, the composition is another factor to consider when shooting a video. Your composition will help direct what your audience’s attention will be, and it also establishes the visual appeal of the images. Sometimes, you’ll also need to learn from a local videographer in Singapore for proper composition.

Know proper camera placement

If you’re new to videography or motion pictures, you need to understand the relevance of the camera’s relative distance to the subject and the focal length of the lens. It will build what your scene would look like in the end. Wrong placement can create facial distortions or warping, which makes it difficult to crop the edge of the scene.

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