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5 Excellent reasons for selling your wedding ring

Getting engaged is one of those things women look forward to when they have been in a serious committed relationship. When a guy he on one knee and proposes with a magnificent engagement ring in his hand he seriously does not see himself being with anyone else for the rest of his life. But real life is nothing like a fairy tale. Some stories don’t have “happily ever-after endings”. Divorce happens. A lot of women hold onto their rings well after the divorce. If you are one of those women who have a hard time letting go of your wedding ring think about what that golden band represents. Heartache, pain, disappointment, anger? The first thing you need to do for yourself in order to move on is to let go of all that negativity and find some way to turn the bad into good.

Get closure and some peace of mind by selling that wedding ring.

Letting go of your wedding ring after a divorce can mean that you are open to new opportunities. That you are ready to let go of all the negative energy, that you at peace with yourself and maybe with your ex as well and that you are ready to start anew.

  1. Take control of your finances

Divorce is expensive and it comes with lifestyle changes. It means you are independent but you might want to adjust your lifestyle as you move from a two pay-check situation to one. Most women sell their wedding rings to Melbourne pawnbrokers because they suddenly find themselves in financial situations they hadn’t planned for.

  1. Finance your next project

You can sell your wedding rings to pay for that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to doing. The money you get from selling your wedding ring after a divorce can help fund that kitchen re-modelling project you’ve wanted to do or it could pay for those art classes you’ve wanted to try. Selling your wedding ring can literally help you find a new life.

  1. Shape a new future

So your Prince Charming turned out to be a toad after all, and you didn’t get your “happily ever after” but you still have the ring and hopefully, it is made of quality gold that you can sell to Melbourne pawnbrokers.

Clearing out your jewellery box to get the old out and make way for the new, means you are ready for a future on your own or that you at least have space for a new love.

  1. Reinvent your life

Take the money you get from selling your wedding ring to your local gold buyer or pawnshop and spoil yourself with a new wardrobe. Have a total makeover if you feel like it.

You could book yourself into one of those spa retreats and get pampered from head to toe with massaged and all kinds of body treatments and return home rejuvenated and glowing.

  1. Fund your passion and if you don’t have one, fund the process of finding out what it is.

People often lose themselves in relationships. You may have spent years being the devoted wife and mother and pushed all those things you once we’re passionate about to the side. Now you have a chance to rediscover yourself and with money from the wedding ring you’ve just sold, you can pursue anything you want to.