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5 reasons why NCERT books should be your go-to study material

Many experts suggest that NCERT books are ideal for entrance exam preparation. The authorities also recommend reading NCERT books for all the competitive exams such as NEET, IIT, JEE etc. The main reason many people use NCERT books is that they have simple yet lucid explanations available in these books.

Following are the five reasons why NCERT books should be your go-to-study material-

  1. Strengthen the basics.

The NCERT books and the syllabus are the stepping stone to many prominent competitive exams, and one has to adhere to the solutions prescribed by the board while studying. These solutions are very comprehensive, and they provide the correct explanation for every concept. These solutions are the best when it comes to strengthening the basics. All the leading experts author these books, which helps get a crystal clear understanding of different concepts. The solutions are well-researched by experts, and they are in simple language.

  1. Based on the CBSE curriculum.

The syllabus of these competitive exams is entirely based on the framework that has been designed by the CBSE board. One can also check all the questions which are also prevalent in the exam as they are taken from the NCERT books. Thus, to know the topics crucial for the examination, one must strictly follow the NCERT solutions. If one adheres to these solutions, it will give them a competitive edge over all the other students.

  1. Simple language.

We all are no strangers to the fact that language is essential when it comes to getting any conceptual clarity regarding any topic. Thus, the students search for books which have maintained simple language throughout with crisp explanations. This saves a great amount of time as well as confusion. NCERT books are ideal for the preparation of the entrance examination. A person can also make short notes using these solutions. Many students have greatly benefited from these solutions as they help in a last-minute revision for students.

  1. NCERT books clear your concepts.

According to experts, the ideal way to study for the examination is first to study the NCERT books line by line. If one studies line by line, one will be able to clear their concepts very carefully. The students should also start preparing the notes as they study each chapter. Students should jot down the important points so that they do not miss out on any part. All the NCERT books give one a better understanding of the concepts. One can also make use of the side books as an option. However, one should give first preference to the NCERT books.

  1. Practice questions.

The NCERT solutions have practice questions that are enough to uplift the overall confidence level of the students who are going to face the examination by offering an ample number of practice questions. These solutions are custom-made and they also cater to the doubts of students. They are very comprehensive and this helps in developing a correct approach. The chapters present in the books also have a plethora of questions.