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5 Reasons You Should Switch To Linux VPS Hosting

VPS Server Hosting is a hosting service that hosts your website on a virtual and isolated server—offering guaranteed resources. It’s a highly secure and flexible web hosting service compared to Shared Hosting, where the websites share common primary server space, but each website receives its own virtual and isolated hosting space with guaranteed resources. 

This VPS architecture offers several reliable features and benefits, including high website speed, uptime, performance, easy scalability, security, and customization. 

When purchasing VPS Server Hosting plans, you’ll be given two options—Linux and Windows VPS Hosting. 

This article will discuss why a Linux VPS Hosting solution can be the right choice for your business once you grow out of your Shared Hosting resources. 

Five reasons why Linux VPS Server Hosting can be the right solution for your business 

While VPS Server Hosting is an ideal solution after Shared Hosting, the operating system you choose also plays a pivotal and significant role in the success of your business. 

Here’s how businesses benefit from a Linux VPS plan. 

  • High performance 

The Linux operating system wins when it comes to offering superior website performance

As your business flourishes, your website will require more resources and high performance to manage the growing traffic efficiently. This is where Linux VPS Server plays a critical role as it can accommodate multiple users/visitors on the same server with no hassle. 

Besides, it also offers an improved capacity and processing power to improve website page loading speed and improve customer engagement. 

  • Scalability and flexibility 

A Linux VPS Web Hosting Server is much more flexible than a Windows VPS Server—since it allows you to add processing resources quickly and easily. In addition, with Linux VPS Hosting, you can tweak your VPS Server per your specific requirements and allocate more resources whenever needed. 

In addition, Linux also supports software such as CMS, CRM, and other server management tools that are limited to a Windows VPS Server to offer flexible functionalities on your VPS Server. 

  • Security 

Since Windows is used on a large scale with a huge customer base, it often comes with stability and security risks—as hackers frequently target Windows. In addition, it also doesn’t come with default or in-built security measures. 

On the other hand, Linux Virtual Server Hosting offers unmatched website security and stability with its multi-user-based architecture. In addition, since it’s an open-source and community-driven OS—Linux offers round-the-clock monitoring, making it easy for everyone to access the server, find bugs, and fix vulnerabilities. 

  • Cost-effective 

Linux VPS Server is much more economical and affordable than a Windows Server. It doesn’t require you to pay huge licensing fees to run your website on a Linux VPS Server since Linux is an open-source platform. 

Opting for a VPS Server is also an ideal and reasonable solution than directly jumping onto the expensive Dedicated Server Hosting solution to grow your business. 

  • Control panel 

Since Linux is free, open-source, and doesn’t require a license fee—its control panel, that is cPanel, is also much affordable. 

In contrast, since Microsoft Windows comes at a premium price—its control panel, Plesk also costs more. Plesk comes with a wide range of options and functionalities, making it more expensive than Linux. 


Compared to a Windows solution, a Linux VPS Server Hosting service can be an ideal choice for your business as you switch from Shared to VPS Hosting to manage the growing traffic and take more control over your server. 

Linux VPS Hosting offers maximum performance, security, stability, flexibility, scalability, and more at a much budget-friendly rate. 

So, it’s recommended that you opt for and switch to Linux VPS Hosting to leverage and buy VPS Hosting features and benefits at a cost-efficient price.