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5 Safety Tips To Follow When Working With Electrical Components

Following safety precautions saves lives and ensures a safer working environment. When it comes to injury prevention, working with electricity or electrical equipment poses a serious hazard. It is where working personnel should never compromise their safety if they wish to avoid encountering life-threatening situations. From wearing safety equipment to following protocols, here are a few safety tips when working with electricity:

1. Beware of the electrical line when working overhead

When working with workplace electrical lines, most electrical equipment above floor levels is likely to live. Whether your workplace has invested in high-end safety equipment in Singapore or a monitoring system, you have to stay aware of electrical lines. As much as possible, work at least 10 feet away from any exposed electrical lead.

2. Be more cautious about flammable materials nearby

There are situations where the electrical equipment you are working with can cause ignitions when there are gases, vapours and other flammable materials nearby. While there might be a portable or fixed gas detector, personnel should be more cautious and follow strict rules, especially when you need to use flammable materials.

3. De-energise electrical equipment before working with them

Prior to working with exposed electrical parts that are either live or not, you must de-energise them first. Doing so will help prevent serious shock threats and related accidents. Most personnel should tag out electrical equipment out of the system, especially when electrical servicing is concerned.

4. Avoid using metallic watch bands and pencils

Most workplace staff can forget this rule easily since most would assume that safety equipment would protect them from any risks and shocks. Whether the electrical part is live enough, you should always avoid using metallic watch bands and pencils to avoid unexpected reactions from the remaining current.

5. Always follow workplace safety precautions and protocols

Each workplace has its own policy and safety precautions when working with electrical parts. To maximise safety and prevent accidents, always be mindful and follow the protocols and rules when working. Are you looking for safety equipment in Singapore? Visit Ansac Technology for more quality safety gear and components.