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5 Tell-tale Signs That Your Aircon Needs Cleaning and Why Cleaning It Is Important

There is an unstoppable demand for air conditioners in Singapore. Because of the tropical climate of the country, almost every Singaporean household owns at least one aircon. Of course, the need for aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore is also bigger.

However, unlike electric and ceiling fans, air conditioners don’t show obvious signs that they already need cleaning. And if they do, you must send them for servicing immediately or else; it may lead to more problems.

Regularaircon chemical wash in Singaporebenefits our health, money, and the overall comfort of our spaces. Whether in offices or houses, keeping our aircon clean is maintaining healthier air ventilation.

The Five Tell-tale Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning


It Takes Long To Cool The Room

In Singapore, air conditions are used to cool the room, not to produce warm air. If you notice that your aircon takes a longer time to chill your room or space, it only indicates that it needs aircon servicing andchemical wash in Singapore.

There are several factors that affect the performance of your aircon. The thermostat is your main control or regulator for your indoor temperature. You can set your thermostat for colder or warmer temperatures.

The first thing you should do is check the thermostat. Your aircon produces warmer air if the thermostat is set for it. However, if your thermostat is at a lower temperature yet your aircon gives warm air, it only indicates a bigger problem.

Sometimes, compressor problems and airflow restriction cause this issue. Dust and mould build-ups in your aircon’s filter and vents also impede the performance of your air conditioner.

If you notice this kind of issue on your appliance, subject youraircon to a chemical overhaul in Singaporeto clean and repair or replace underperforming parts.

Dirty Filters

Most aircon filters are hidden in plain sight. The location of the filter depends on the unit of your air conditioner. Most aircon units, including window types and centralised air conditioners, need to be disassembled to check the filters. However, there are techniques and ways to check if your filter needs anaircon chemical wash in Singapore without dismantling them.

Hanging a white sheet of paper five inches from the vent for one hour will help you determine if your aircon filter is dirty. If the white colour turns shades of grey, you need to send your unit for cleaning.

Higher electric bills may also indicate that your aircon has problems. Constant allergy attacks in the room where the aircon is mean your aircon spreads dust, moulds, and other allergens in the air.

Ideally, the aircon filter should be cleaned every three months if it is used frequently. Thus, you don’t have to do the paper test or wait for allergic attacks.

Call your airconservices forchemical cleaning in Singapore.

Dirty External Vents

Unlike an aircon filter, you can easily check the nasty situation of your aircon through the external vents. Aircon vents are the opening where the cold air comes out. You can close, open, or control the direction of airflow using the vents.

Nasty dust, mould, and mildew build-ups in your aircon’s vents is an obvious sign that it already needs an aircon chemical cleaning overhaul in Singapore.

The furniture and areas near your air vents accumulate dust when your vent is dirty. A simple swipe of a finger in between the vent grilles will reveal its dirty secret.

Dirt, mould, and mildew build-ups in the air vents block the airflow, therefore, taking a long time for your aircon unit to cool the room.

Noisy or Unusual Sounds

Another obvious sign that youraircon needs a chemical wash in Singapore is rattling, wheezing, or unusual sound coming from it.

Generally, air condition units make silent and low buzz the moment they start up or turn off.

However, loud noises like wheezing and rattling indicate more concerning problems, such as a broken piece blocking the air ducts. Loose fans, panels, and bolts also cause the rattling sound. If the sound seems like metals grinding on each other, you should shut down your unit immediately to prevent further damage.

Dust, mould, and mildew build ups also cause the blockage, producing wheezing sounds.

If you notice unusual noises from your air conditioner, call a professional airconservice provider and chemical cleaning overhaul in Singapore.

Pungent Smell and Foul Odour

One of the nastiest signs that your aircon needs chemical cleaning in Singapore is the unpleasant smell coming out from the vent.

A pungent and musty smell indicates dust, mould, and mildew build-ups in the vents, filter, and air ducts.

The unpleasant smell also means there is a massive bacterial growth in mould and mildew cakes and build-ups. Smaller animals and critters also cause a foul odour. Animals and insects like to squeeze and breed in damp and dark places like an aircon unit.

Smoke or burnt smell means there is a wiring problem. Turn off your unit immediately if you start to notice a burning smell.

Call yourairconservice provider for chemical washand parts replacementin Singapore.

Importance of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Regularly


Like electric and ceiling fans, and air coolers, air conditioners should be cleaned every two weeks. Homes and commercial spaces near the dusty or polluted area may require a more frequentaircon chemical wash in Singapore. Here are the reasons why you need to maintain your aircon unit.

Improve Your Aircon’s Unit Performance and Longevity

Like what has been discussed in the first part of this article, dirt, mould, and mildew caking in the filter, air ducts, and vents affect the performance of your air conditioner.

Air conditioners struggle to meet and maintain the ideal temperature set in the thermostat if dust build-ups are blocking and restricting the airflow. Dirty air conditioning units absorb more heat than clean units, impeding their performance.

It puts a lot of pressure and stress on your air conditioning unit, which may lead to early deterioration.

Chemical overhaul price in Singapore is a lot lower than repairing and replacing damaged air conditioner units. To maintain the efficiency and improve the longevity of your aircon, make sure to send it for servicing and cleaning regularly.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Dusty air conditioning units help spread allergens in the air, triggering respiratory and skin allergic attacks. Bacteria, fungi, and airborne viruses thrive in damp and dirty areas like mouldy air ducts, filters, and air vents of your air conditioners. These impurities affect indoor air quality and can harm people’s health.

Besides eliminating the impurities and allergens, maintaining the appropriate humidity level and temperature eliminates discomfort in the area.

For people with pets in their homes, it is advisable to clean their air conditioning unit regularly as fur can also add to dust build-ups.

You can save money from medication and unnecessary hospitalisation by spending on a much lower aircon chemical wash price in Singapore.

Saves Energy and Reduces Electricity Cost

Air conditioning units are one of the largest power consumers among home appliances. Blockages in air ducts, filters, and vents of your aircon force your air conditioning unit to work harder; therefore, consuming more electricity to meet and maintain a particular temperature.

On the other hand, thick mould and mildew build-ups absorb more heat, impeding the efficiency of your aircon.

Improving the efficiency and performance of your unit by calling an aircon cleaning service provider that offers low chemical overhaul price in Singapore prevents power overconsumption.

Apart from saving some money by reducing electricity cost, you also cut the energy consumption of your unit. Clean air conditioning units have lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduces Chances Of Issues and Breakdowns

One of the reasons why air conditioning units experience breakdown frequently is because of their poor maintenance.

Poorly maintained aircon units are more susceptible to damages such as freezing. Frozen aircon parts may lead to more concerning damages, worst case, a breakdown.

Repair and replacement of frozen parts such as refrigerant and other cooling elements can be costly, especially for bigger air conditioning units.

Purchasing a brand new unit is not economical as well, especially for those who use bigger air conditioning units.

If you want to save money, it is better to spend it onaircon chemical wash service at a much lower price in Singapore.

Makes You Eligible For Warranty Service

There are aircon manufacturers that require maintenance service records to become eligible for warranty, depending on the brand or unit type. It ensures that the damages are the manufacturing fault and not improper handling on the user’s end.

Your application for warranty service may be declined if the warranty conditions are not met.

To ensure your eligibility for warranty service, make sure to have your air conditioning unit well maintained by an affordable and low chemical overhaul price in Singapore.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Cleaning Service


Maintaining our air conditioning units is advantageous concerning reduced energy consumption, optimum performance throughout the years, and healthier and cleaner indoor air quality.

Choosing the best aircon cleaning services is also essential, financial, health, and convenience-wise. Here are the tips on how to choose the right aircon cleaning services in Singapore.

Learn About Your Air Conditioning Unit

Before you call for an aircon chemical cleaning service in Singapore, make sure that you know the unit model of your aircon, brand, parts and maintenance history.

Knowing where you think the damage prevents you from falling into traps of misdiagnosis and overpriced service. Researching about your unit may get you a better and honest aircon chemical wash price deal in Singapore.

Look for Licence and Expertise

There are lots of aircon cleaning services you can find online, but not all of them are experts. To ensure that only expert aircon technicians will handle your unit, look for the provider’s license. Installing aircon, especially for larger units, requires crucial planning.

The same thing happens during repairs and cleaning. Don’t go for services that offer insanely cheaper work.

Cooling systems may be different from a residential setting to commercial establishments. That is why it is essential to find aircon cleaning service providers that have expert technicians who know how to work with window-mounted units, centralised air conditioning units, and mini-split aircon.

The aircon chemical wash price in Singapore varies depending on the unit type.

Check The Services

It is much better to look for an aircon service provider with various work to offer for commercial establishments with multiple cooling systems. Apart from installation, reputable aircon service providers have other services such as cleaning, and repair and maintenance.

It provides a one-stop-shop of service, which is more convenient for establishment owners.

For homeowners, make sure that your service provider knows how to clean air ducts, leaks, and other cooling system problems.

Look For Transparent Billing and Insurance

Many people fall for scams and overpriced service from the rogue aircon service provider. To ensure transparent billing, make sure to call a licenced technician.

Ask for their initialchemical overhaul cleaning service price inSingaporebefore getting their service. They should provide an official receipt for the service. The lack of service invoice raises a red flag.

Before calling an aircon technician, make sure that he or she has health insurance in case of an accident during the repairs and cleaning.

Look For A Flexible Schedule

It is necessary for commercial establishments to find a service provider that has a flexible schedule and has a fast response time. It is very inconvenient to have a broken aircon in the afternoon, especially with Singapore’s tropical weather. Discomfort also affects the productivity of the employees.

Having a service provider that can be contacted via SMS, email, telephone number, and social media is advantageous during urgent situations.

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