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5 Ways to Ensure You are Buying a Durable Kitchen Equipment

It is a common practice to check and test electronic gadgets that a buyer has an interest in purchasing the said item. In any case, since the price is higher than any other goods that one can buy in a grocery store, it is a must that you do it as well. This, especially, is applicable when you are buying kitchen equipment for your restaurant. While you know that paying the stated price will give you a return on your investment, you must ensure that the equipment is built to reach that age when you are supposed to get the money you spent on it. Remember that the equipment is not like what you buy at home because, in a restaurant, your employees need to use the equipment every day. Hence, it needs to be durable and can withstand continual use without breaking. If not, it can lead to the loss of your business, revenue, and loyal customers. Good news is that there are ways you can do to ensure that the pieces of equipment you are about to purchase from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore are durable!

In this article, you will find some tips you can do when you go out and go canvassing and shopping for kitchen equipment for your restaurant.

1. Search for a reliable supplier

Research is the first step that no one should skip, and this includes researching your prospective supplier. A reliable supply company can offer a wide range of products so that you can have them as a one-stop-shop for your kitchen needs. From a commercial oven to an ice maker, they should be able to provide that for you! Here are some other factors you should consider:

  • Inclusive services

Inclusive services of installation, repair, and maintenance from a supplier is a significant factor to consider. It would allow you to get the value of your bought equipment since you would not need to seek another company that will charge you for these services.

  • Customer service

As much as you want to avoid encountering problems with your newly bought equipment, what will happen in the future is not something that you cannot predict. So, reliable customer service is what you need to resolve the issue immediately and avoid downtime in your kitchen.

  • Experience in the industry

When you come across a supplier of kitchen equipment with more than 10 years of established experience, you should put them at the top of your list! Their years in the industry proves that they are reliable and loyal in giving quality equipment to their customers throughout the years, and you would want to be one of them!

2. Newest model

The newest model of a commercial oven in Singapore is usually the best one you can get. But, this also goes for any type of equipment that you need. With having the newest models of restaurant equipment, your kitchen would be future-proof. These will have the latest technology that can cater to your growing business and your plans to expand in the future!

Keeping up with the kitchen equipment brands would help you decide whether to buy the equipment now or wait for a few months before the latest release of a newer model. You might find the latter much expensive, but trust that it will secure you a future-proof kitchen!

3. Ask your supplier questions

Most of the time, suppliers talk to you to gain their items sold. Hence, they will only highlight the good qualities of their item. An ice maker in Singapore, for instance, is good for getting an in-house supply of clean, fresh ice but it produces more than what you need. Since you are not buying equipment on a whim, take your time to ask questions based on the qualities you have learned from a supplier’s description of the equipment. Try asking questions about the amount of water it needs, how much electricity will it consume, among other things.

4. Read reviews

You are not the only restaurant owner in Singapore who had invested in kitchen equipment before. There are plenty of business owners who might have transacted with your prospective supplier, so you should find out what they have to say about the equipment they bought! Search for online forum discussion about the brand. Online platforms, such as Quora and Reddit are reliable sources of honest information about products and services other users have acquired. Thus, you should take your time in analysing what they find good and bad about the equipment.

5. Justifiable price

Last but not least, the price should have equal value as the equipment. This is applicable even when you are not a startup restaurant, you should always look into a justifiable price. Options for payment is something you should look for as well. Going for instalment is a better option than going for a lease. In this way, the equipment is in your name, and you would not have to worry about accidental damage that is not covered in the contract.

Simplex as Your Kitchen Equipment Supplier

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