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  6 Experiential Marketing Tips for Creating a Memorable Brand Event

Experiential marketing in Singapore does not require tens of thousands of dollars to be successful. In 2021 and beyond, event marketing should be on the radar of both big and small brands since it is clear that events engage in a manner that digital marketing alone cannot. Brand awareness, customer loyalty, and viral marketing are all aided by well-executed events that bring people together in a shared experience. For brands of all sizes, we’ve outlined our top five experiential marketing tips in the upcoming sections:

Determine the KPIs

As soon as possible, you and your team need to figure out what will make the event a success. These are called KPIs, or key performance indicators. They are measurements you set for yourself that can be used to see how well the event went. Clarifying these goals at the start of the planning process helps you stay on track, reminds you what you should spend money on and what you can do without, gives you a sense of direction and guidance for the event strategy, and ultimately, helps you evaluate how well your event’s experiential design went.

It’s important to think about your personas and then invest in their preferences

Events aren’t always fun for everyone, but they don’t have to be. Choose your audience by focusing on the personas you want to attract. Don’t know where to start? We can help you. If you want to know who is talking about your product on social media, you can use analytics and social listening. If you look at how many people go to your website, you can figure out who your main audience is.

To make sure your experiences are tailored to them, hire a festive decoration company in Singapore and put together a content advisory board made up of people who have been to your event before and who fit your target persona. In that case, you’ll be well on your way to delivering high-quality content that resonates with your target market.

Utilise your influence

Influencers can help lead or host interactive workshops or give thought leadership that is relevant to your product or company and the event itself in 2020. This is a simple way to work with influencers.

Instead of the typical influencer social media marketing model that has taken over the world, partnering with influencers in an experiential marketing set-up in Singapore is a big way to stand out and get more attention. It’s not just for people who were at the event itself, but also for people who saw the content being used on social media.

You should think about your KPI goals, existing influencer brand relationships, brand values, and budget when you choose whether to have a micro or macro influencer host or attend your event or show up at it. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this. It all comes down to revisiting your KPIs and then figuring out how to build your strategy from there based on budget, existing relationships, time commitment, and so on.



Use storytelling as a way to engage

When something goes well, it tells a story. Check your KPIs and think about why you did what you did. In the first place, why are you spending money on a brand event in the first place? For an event to be memorable and impactful, it must be creative, buzzworthy, and interactive. Make sure your event theme is based on the values your brand stands for, and include activities that make your product come to life. Then, give your audience content and information that is valuable, captivating, and informative so they can remember the event long after it’s over.

Thoughtful, unique, and interactive experiences will be the best kind of experiential design to build and keep strong brand-to-customer relationships. Storytelling also makes it easier for your attendees to talk about the event more concretely and interestingly to their friends and followers on social media, which helps your event marketing efforts go further than just those who are there.



Make it easy for people to socialise

Having the right lighting, styling props, creative photo backdrops, and thoughtful welcome cards are all things that make people want to share their pictures on social media. People are more likely to share a beautiful retail interior design in Singapore, as well as personalised touches, and interactive elements because they are interesting, eye-catching, and connect with them on a personal level.

There are no small things that go unnoticed. When you look at the small things that make up an event, you can see how much time and money the brand has put into it (or lack thereof). If you don’t think about them, you might not be able to make an impactful consumer brand experience that stands out and drives social sharing, while also immersing and engaging.

Incorporate a lot of direct brand connection points

To plan a brand event, this last point is the most important to keep in mind. Branded events are unquestionably a form of marketing, and making sure your brand is seen and heard at all times is important. Because of this, tactics that are overly publicised or “in your face” don’t seem very real. In turn, they aren’t very good at building long-term relationships with customers and don’t get as many organic social shares at events, so it’s important to find a good balance.

As we said above, make social sharing simple. Think about how you can also think about how you can thoughtfully incorporate your brand into these moments, too. You should think about what kind of picture-worthy backdrop your event will have for your guests to take. If so, come up with a unique experiential design to incorporate your brand into the background without it taking over the whole thing. Are you having a workshop at your event or having brunch? Each table setting should have a beautiful menu or recipe card with your brand’s logo on it. When a guest takes a picture of it, you want it to show up.


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