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6 must-know facts you about online gaming and casinos

The online casino industry is worth billions of dollars but you’ll be shocked how people know very little about the industry. If you just came across a trusted online casino Malaysia and are wondering what you’re just about to get yourself into, then this article is for you. We’re going to tell you all that you need to know about how to get a welcome bonus and so much more.

10 things you should know about online gambling

  1. It is not legal everywhere, but that also doesn’t mean that it’s illegal

There are different laws that ban activities like playing online casino games. These regulations are meant to put order in place so that minors don’t play and make sure that taxes get paid.

For a company to offer online gaming services, it needs to be licensed. Playing at an online casino that isn’t licensed could get you on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Computer programs are used to generate random numbers

Online casinos like Bolaking use a computer program to generate random numbers when a gamer is plating. This computer program is what determines the outcome of the game. This is the same program that is used in real-life casinos too.

  1. Most games’ results are not rigged

A lot of people think that online casinos can manipulate the outcome of a game behind the scenes to make profits but that’s not true. If they did they would easily get caught.

The casino gets it edge by paying out winning at less than the odds of winning.

  1. The sign-up bonuses are not an attractive deal as you might think

New gamers are attracted by bonuses that give them free money to play after they have signed up to play. This isn’t “money for nothing” as most people think – no casino would want to be taken advantage of.

  1. Just like real-life casinos, online casinos too have loyalty clubs

These are sometimes known as slot clubs or players clubs. They track how much a gamer plays and how much they’re risking. They then provide him with rebates and comps equal to a percentage of the expected loss.

  1. Most information sites don’t feature any useful data

Online casinos are incredibly profitable and they’re more than willing to pay webmasters huge amounts for referring players to their business. This means that these information portals are obligated to say nice things that don’t necessarily have to be true.

You should always be very careful about the reviews you see online. Learn to discern legitimate reviews and advertorials. You also shouldn’t believe everything you read, especially on online players’ forums – there are opportunists everywhere that money is involved.


Online gaming and casinos are a lot of fun but it helps to know exactly what you’re doing. We really hope that this piece helped shed some light on anyone who was going about the online casino gaming blindly. It helps to know a few facts before you’re in too deep.

An educated gambler is a smart gambler and he makes calculated moves.