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7 Advantages of Switching to Raw Cat or Dog Food Options in Singapore

More and more pet owners are switching to raw dog or cat food available in Singapore. Here are seven reasons you should, too.

#1 Naturally Digestible

A diet ideal for dogs should be high in quality protein and low in carbs and sweets. Look for raw dog food recipes free of fillers, additives, and preservatives. Dogs absorb nutrients better from authentic meals than synthetic vitamins.

#2 Healthier Skin & Coat

BARF dog food you can buy from Singapore suppliers is more digestible by dogs than professionally prepared food. You’ll notice a change in your pet’s skin and coat, and how much less they shed after moving to raw. Raw food’s nutrients also help a dog’s organs work more efficiently.

#3 Reduces Odour

The raw diet is advantageous to your dog’s skin and hair by letting it generate less odour-filled oils. A raw food diet is also excellent for your pet’s digestive tract by reducing or eliminating doggy flatulence.

#4 Lesser Faeces

Commercial pet food contains substances not part of a dog’s natural diet. The BARF dog food diet in Singapore includes meat, organs, and bone – all of which a dog digests effortlessly.

#5 Fewer Allergies

A natural raw diet might help decrease or eliminate allergy problems in your pet. Food allergies are due to many intolerances piled on top of one another. Many of the ingredients used are not physiologically appropriate for dogs.

#6 Supports the Immune System

Raw dog food and treats you can buy in Singapore contain only components that come natural to your pet. It lets your dog’s body focus on other things, like external and environmental stimuli.

#7 Naturally Cleans Teeth

Pet food with a high sugar content might cause cavities. Raw food is less likely to attach to teeth, which benefits your dog’s oral health. It also contains naturally occurring enzymes that aid in maintaining tooth health.


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