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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Korean Classes in Singapore

If you’re looking for a new language to learn due to academic or personal reasons, you might want to consider taking a Korean course in Singapore. Given this suggestion, you might be wondering why to pick it over the hundreds of different languages. What makes Korean something worth learning? What advantages does it have over other languages?

While other languages, such as Spanish and Mandarin, have more native speakers than those using Korean, it cannot be denied that its culture is on the rise. Some examples, such as music and film, are becoming more popular in recent years. Being able to understand the language means you gain access to more content to your interests relating to Korean culture.

Therefore, if you still need convincing, here are 7 reasons why you should take Korean classes in Singapore. Continue reading this article for more information.

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Korean Classes in Singapore

1. Better Understanding of Korean Culture

When enrolling in basic Korean language lessons for beginners, one of its most useful benefits is gaining a better understanding of the culture surrounding the language. While there are translations, subtitles, and guides to help you go through various Korean content, it isn’t unusual for them to be inaccurate. For example, idioms, expressions, and sarcasm tend to vanish whenever you translate them to another language, such as English. This flaw makes it difficult for Koreans and foreigners to understand each other, resulting in wasting valuable time attempting to explain it.

After all, Korean is not the only language to experience this problem. Certain aspects of culture generally don’t translate well into other languages. If you use translation tools, such as Google Translate and DeepL Translator, you would know that they aren’t always accurate. There will be phrases they won’t understand, causing the results to be different.

2. Improves Your Travel Experience

If you love travelling to Korea, taking Korean classes in Singapore will benefit you on your next trip. Being proficient in the language provides you with the following advantages:

  • Read signs, store names, and other written information
  • Ask locals for information, such as directions
  • Converse with locals without needing a translator

Although you can get a translator or rely on translation tools, your overall experience will be vastly different if you know how to speak Korean. You would have fewer problems to worry about since you know how to communicate with the locals and read signages.

3. Foster Better Business Relationships

When working for a company, being proficient in another language is always a valuable skill. Therefore, taking a Korean course in Singapore may open your doors to new career opportunities. Some scenarios include expansion to the Korean market and easier communication with Korean customers.

4. More Opportunities

Taking a Korean online class means you can bridge gaps between two different cultures. If your first language is English, you can translate messages between two individuals. Additionally, you can help others learn the languages you’re proficient in while also fostering personal relationships.

5. Korean is a Gender-Neutral Language


As the world becomes more sensitive to gender, individuals are attempting to transform languages and make them more neutral. Some examples include English, French, and Spanish.

Unfortunately, attempting to learn languages with gender-specific words or pronouns is another challenge students will find difficult to overcome. You can expect to make plenty of mistakes whenever you practise your speaking and writing skills.

However, when you learn the Korean alphabets, grammar, and other language skills, you will notice that it is a gender-neutral form of speech. This difference is a benefit for individuals who don’t like to worry about using the correct pronouns whenever they talk to strangers since the language doesn’t use noun genders.

6. Makes K-pop Songs Understandable

There are millions of K-pop fans around the world. While not every one of them could understand the lyrics without consulting a translation site or tool, there is more enjoyment to be had from being able to know what the artists are saying during, for example, the chorus.

Although it isn’t an essential part of enjoying music, understanding the words and phrases allows an individual to appreciate the song even more.

Therefore, if you’re a K-pop fan, taking Korean classes in Singapore will help you enjoy and understand your favourite tunes.

7. You Get to Enjoy K-dramas Without Subtitles


Aside from K-pop songs, there are plenty of people who enjoy K-dramas. While there are plenty of reasons why individuals love to watch them, viewers generally have the following causes behind their “addiction”:

  • Attractive actors
  • Applicable for all ages due to their lack of profanity, violence, and sex
  • Food scenes
  • Excellent music
  • Wonderful storytelling
  • Funny and cute moments
  • Exposure to Korean culture

While subscription services, such as Netflix and Hulu, feature subtitles for various languages, they would generally miss the nuances that only native speakers will see. This flaw is due to the fact that translations often don’t reflect idioms, expressions, and sarcasm in another language.

Therefore, if you want a fuller experience whenever you’re watching K-drama, you should consider taking a Korean course in Singapore.


Taking a Korean course in Singapore opens your doors to numerous benefits. While other languages offer, more or less, the same advantages, there are exclusive perks you can only get from being proficient in Korean.

Hopefully, these 7 points will be enough to convince you to enrol in a Korean course. And as a way to end this article, here is a quick recap of these 7 benefits.

First, proficiency in the language allows you to understand Korean culture better.

Second, it also improves your overall travel experience. You don’t have to worry about navigating around since you can read signages and ask questions without consulting a translator.

Third, you can connect with Korean colleagues and clients easier if you know how to speak their language.

Fourth, you can form relationships with Koreans and other individuals interested in learning the language since you know how to speak, read, and write using it.

Fifth, Korean classes in Singapore don’t use gender-specific words.

Sixth, you will understand the lyrics of your favourite K-pop songs.

Lastly, you can watch your favourite K-dramas without subtitles.

Therefore, check out ONLYOU if you’re interested in taking Korean classes in Singapore. Visit their website for more information.