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9 Popular Tourist Attractions in Jakarta You Need to Know

To attract tourists to come, Jakarta has various exciting tourist attractions ranging from historical places, city parks, beaches, knowledge places, natural attractions, and rides for games.

Various kinds of tourist attractions make Jakarta a city that is never empty of visitors. So, what are the most popular tours in Jakarta that you must visit. Hmm, curious? Come on, see the answer below.

1. Pancasila Sakti Monument

Built on a land area of ​​14.6 hectares, this monument was created as a reminder of the struggle from the Revolutionary Heroes when fighting for Indonesian ideology from the threat of communist ideology. The Revolutionary Heroes also consisted of seven fighters, such as Ahmad Yani, R. Suprapto, M.T. Haryono, Siswondo Parman, DI Panjaitan, Sutoyo Siswomiharjo, and First Lieutenant Pierre.

This monument shows how cruel the betrayers of the PKI were. This historical place can often make you feel goosebumps because you could see the struggles of the Revolutionary Heroes through such as the death as well as a place to dump the bodies of 7 Revolutionary Heroes, torture houses, command posts, soup kitchens, to the clothes worn by the Revolutionary Heroes at that time in which are still exist and displayed in Pancasila Sakti Museum.

2. Old Town (Kota Tua Jakarta)

Well, you can say that this tourist spot doesn’t need to cost a lot for those of you who want to visit Kota Tua Jakarta. In the 16th century, the Old City was dubbed the Jewel of Asia or the Queen of the East by European travelers because it was considered a trading center with abundant natural resources.

Besides this place has an area of ​​1.3 square kilometers, it is also the home of historical buildings in Jakarta such as the National Archives Building, Bank Indonesia Museum, Toko Merah, Fatahillah Museum, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, Wayang Museum, Maritime Museum, and so on. If you want to visit some of the museum places, you will only be charged which is different for each place.

3. Beautiful Indonesian in Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII is a tourist park with the theme of Indonesian culture. with an area of ​​150 hectares TMII is presenting traditional houses from every province of Indonesia. In addition to traditional homes, TMII also has various museums, such as the Asmat Museum, the Sports Museum, the Komodo Museum, and Reptile Park, the Oil and Gas Museum, and the Transportation Museum.

Not only as a place for education, but TMII is also suitable to function as a vacation destination with family. Yup, because TMII also has a child-friendly playground, water park, Keong Mas IMAX theater, cable car, sky world, bird park and bekisar park, freshwater world and insect world, up to a 4-dimensional theater.

4. Fantasy World ( Dunia Fantasi)

Inaugurated in 1985, Dunia Fantasi or Dufan has become a familiar recreation area. Dufan consists of several regions with different themes. Visitors will feel the sensation of holiday in Jakarta, Europe, America, Indonesia, Asia, Greece, Hikayat, Balara, and Istabon.

With an area of ​​​​9.5 hectares, Dufan offers adrenaline rides and games that are suitable for children to play, such as the doll palace, Ice Age Sid’s Arctic Tour, Bledug Elephant, Hello Kitty, and the Euphoria Parade.

5. SeaWorld Ancol

Recreation while getting to know the marine world, why not? You can visit SeaWorld Ancol which has 7,300 freshwater biotas consisting of 48 types of fish and various reptiles. In addition to enjoying the underwater life from the mainland you can also see the show, such as feeding sharks, piranhas, to electric eels.

6. Ragunan

Well, if there were animals from the water world, now let’s go on a vacation while learning about animals more broadly. Opened in 1864, this zoo has an area of ​​about 140 hectares. Species at Ragunan Zoo have a varied collection of 295 species and 4040 specimens. You can also find animals in Ragunan, such as Cockatoos, Orangutans, Gorillas, and Anoa.

7. Planetarium

Here you will get to know and obtain an insight of space, from stars, planets, to objects in the solar system. You can take part in stellar theater performances, observing the night sky, and observing the sun. Especially if there is a rare event such as an annular solar eclipse, you can watch it at the Planetarium.

8. Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach is a tour destination with natural wealth in Jakarta. This tourist spot provides a beautiful panorama when the sun rises or sets. In addition to watching nature shows, you can also play in the water at Ancol Beach’s low tide. Ancol has five beaches including Indah Beach, Elok Beach, Ria Beach, Festival Beach, and Carnaval Beach.

9. Angke Mangrove Nature Park Taman

Who said Jakarta doesn’t have forests? Angke Mangrove Nature Tourism Park – Muara Angke is part of the last remaining mangrove forest in DKI Jakarta province. The Angke-Kapuk forest area consists of the Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve, Protected Forest, and Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park, the last mangrove forest found in Jakarta. This forest area has a total area of about 170.60 ha.

Ready to visit nine exciting tourist destinations in Jakarta? Remember! Vacation is more than just the scenery. And it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.