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  A Brighter Future: How to Become a Genuine Volunteer

The effects of poverty have affected people living below the poverty line. Personally, your life seems normal: you can eat three meals a day, enjoy a comfortable life, and have the privilege of not dealing with money problems. Life goes on for you, but other people are the victims of social injustices every day in their lives. Without your knowledge, some people struggle to put food on the table. Some children are robbed of their bright futures just because of poverty.

Some capitalists believe that people are poor because they’re not hard-working enough or have no luck to succeed. However, life doesn’t work that way. Because some are just stripped of their privileges and restrained from achieving their goals.

Around the world, injustices happen! It’s never too late to bring positive change by being a volunteer to eradicate poverty and educational inequality. In this article, you’ll learn to become a genuine volunteer who shows compassion and integrity.

How to be a Genuine Volunteer

Volunteerism is not about making your name look good. It’s about making positive changes in someone’s life. Remember, you’ll never become a successful volunteer if you only do it for “the good image.” It has to come from your heart. It has to have real action. It has to start with your voice that will echo to the future and inspire positive change. Eradicating poverty and the education crisis has a long way to go, but you can start advocating for a better future by becoming a genuine volunteer.

Fight for justice and lend your hand and voice to those in need!


1) Passionate to Help

Many people are willing to help the less fortunate ones, but sometimes it’s hard to take it into action. Firstly, you’re busy in your daily life. Secondly, you also have financial bills to worry about. Don’t worry because you don’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire to help other people because you can volunteer in many ways! All you have to do is become passionate about helping peopleliving in poverty.

You can help in many ways, like donating your clothes, distributing food, offering free tutorial services, and sponsoring a child. You don’t need a lot of money to make a difference. Your genuine heart matters most because you can inspire others too.

2) You’re Courageous

Volunteering will take you to different places like far-flung provinces, foreign countries, and local communities. You’ll meet new people from different backgrounds and individuals who speak other languages from different walks of life. It may be challenging for introverted people, but if they’re courageous, they can take this new experience as an opportunity to help other people.

You have to talk with different people to learn their stories by volunteering. So, it’s brave for people who come out from their comfort zones only to eradicate poverty and educational inequality. For a better future, everyone should participate in this change and contribute to a better community.

3) Unbiased and Promote Equality

People who need your help also have different backgrounds and personalities. Some are dark-skinned, while others are light-skinned. Some are short, tall, petite, and other human characteristics.

A genuine volunteer doesn’t use these qualities as a bias to help other people. You promote equality and give everyone a chance to live a better life. After all, everyone living in poverty has experienced getting denied because they don’t have the same social standings as the rich people.

As a volunteer, you will also influence other people to treat people with respect regardless of their social status. There’s no difference between a CEO and a farmer because they’re both humans and essential to society.

4) Being Patient

It’s admirable that you want to become a volunteer for the oppressed. At first, you might expect to have a revolutionary act towards eradicating poverty and the education crisis. But when you start doing the actual work, this is the moment when you’ll realise the reality. It’s not easy to make a difference. There are many things you need to consider before starting an advocacy campaign.

Do you have enough funds? Where can you find supporters? Are you sure you can continue your campaign for many years to come? The key here is to become patient, and by doing so, you can lessen the effects of poverty on those who are affected.

5) Staying Humble

Helping other people is not a bragging right. You don’t tell your friends: “Hey, I helped people out of poverty. I’m better than you now.” A genuine volunteer doesn’t show off their goodwill. Instead, they inspire other people to do the same way. Volunteering is about self-lessness. You don’t do this because you want to tell people about your accomplishments and skills.

It’s your job to make meaningful connections, and it can hinder you if you’re constantly telling things about yourself. You’ll also learn how to listen to people’s stories about living in poverty by being humble. You get to know more about them rather than showing off what you can do.

6) You Take Initiative

One of the great qualities of volunteers is taking the initiative. You don’t wait before giving your help to other people. You take an active part in bringing change to the people living in poverty.

You’re taking action to improve the effects of poverty. As a genuine volunteer, your focus is on improving other people’s lives. With these values, you’ll be more likely to think of a solution for the better.

Taking the initiative can also inspire a movement that will lead to more volunteerism. Your advocacy can impact and change the course of life that will benefit everyone. Remember, it’s all about being genuine and taking action. You’ll leave a mark in this world by eradicating poverty and education problems.

7) Thinking of New Solutions

There’s nothing wrong with following rules when volunteering for poverty and educational inequality. But sometimes, your creativity can also help you think of new solutions to improve the current situation. For instance, you can start a feeding program by looking for a small catering business. It’s a win-win situation because you feed people and help small businesses get more recognition.

If you have the privilege to help other people, be a volunteer at The Best of You, which advocates for eradicating hunger, poverty, and education inequality. Visit their website to know how you can help people living in poverty.