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A Growing Market for Esports Betting

The past few years have seen a huge uptick in the support and fandom around the growing esports scene, with many of the biggest games in the world now pulling in viewer numbers that are comparable or even surpassing some of the biggest traditional sporting events in the world – but what has enabled esports to grow so quickly, and where do the biggest benefits for esports come from?

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Broadcasting options have been key – Perhaps the biggest benefit that is setting esports away from traditional sporting is within the broadcasting options, with many of the big events being streamed for free on both Twitch and YouTube, and the big talent also actively streaming on both platforms, it brings the games to a wider audience with ease of access. Many other sports have started to opt for a similar approach, but the successes seen in esports have certainly started to change the way many big organisations view online streaming and broadcasting, and all of the benefits that come with it.

A wide variety of gaming titles – Whilst the majority of the esports betting market is made up through the big three titles of League of Legends, DotA2, and Counter-Strike, there are many other titles that have been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly as the best odds like these found at esportsbetting.site provide opportunities in other titles. The latest have come from more familiar names like FIFA and NBA as both look to carve out their own name in the esports space, and as sporting options shift across to virtual alternatives many of the fans also look to follow.

More opportunities for participation ­– For many viewers, there’s no greater excitement than also having the opportunity to participate in the competitive side of these sports too – with the bigger games being free to play, and the small games often being cheap or commonly owned titles anyway, there are plenty of opportunities for the regular player to compete in the competitive side of gaming with community run events, and has been a huge feather in the cap for esports where other traditional options may be unable to provide the same experience. Online tournaments also allow some players to be able to play with the pros, giving a unique experience not otherwise offered.

There are many other factors encouraging the change too, and esports looks to only continue growing as a growing audience will change throughout the different demographics that are becoming more attracted to the many different games that are making up esports as a whole, and the growing betting market behind it.