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A Guide Malaysians Should Look at When Buying a Mobile Phone

The earliest technological invention happened two million years ago. Since then, it has been part of our lives. We may not see and use most of them today, but they are the roots of the technological advancement we have right now. Perhaps, you have one in your hands right now while you are reading this article. That is right, that is the one! The smart phone you got in Malaysia ages ago has been part of your daily lives. Not only does it wake you have in the morning, but it helps you communicate and stay connected with your family and friends.

That is probably the reason why we cannot imagine a single moment without a smart phone. This device has become a necessity rather than leisure that we thought years ago. No wonders why it feels no less than having a heart attack when it accidentally slips our hands. The moment it drops on the floor, the only thing we could think of is if our mobile phone still works. In such critical times, you only have two options. Either you got your current one fixed or buy a new smart phone in Malaysia.

If you decide to choose the latter, you have to prepare yourself. There are hundreds of brands and models available out there. Each one claims it performs better than the others. So, what should you do to get the right one for you? How would you know if it is better than your old mobile phone? Well, to give you a hand, here is a guide that could help you choose the right one.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Smartphone in Malaysia?

Since you have plans to buy a smart phone in Malaysia anytime soon, it would be a good idea to know your options. That way, you have a clue what you should get for yourself, and you would not regret your decision later on. It may also relieve your pocket, so you would not buy a mobile phone that has a price beyond your budget. Besides, you only want the best and appropriate smart phone for you, and not the most expensive one, right?


Operating System (OS)

Similar to laptops, the operating system of a mobile phone is crucial. It is system software that helps you connect to the World Wide Web (WWW). As a result, you would be able to check your emails, call your family and friends, and even play games while waiting for your date. Of course, not all OS are the same, and each has its pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

                          I.          iOS

It is a type of OS made by Apple. That means only the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and Apple TV have this operating system. What this OS offers is a sleek and modern look and enables the user to do many things at the same time. Also, it is so easy to use that anyone could figure out how to use it.

                        II.          Android

The one who made this operating system is Google, and it is available in various mobile brands except for Blackberry, Nokia, and Apple. That means this Android OS runs on  Samsung, LG, HTC, and other more brands. In other words, you have more choices to choose from if you decide to get an android mobile phone. You would be able to weigh which brands are cheaper to get.

Screen Size

Honestly, the screen size of your mobile phone depends on your lifestyle. If you are someone who often places it in your pocket, it should not be more than five inches. Otherwise, it would slip through your jeans. However, if you want to view photos and videos as clearly as possible, you could get a smart phone that has a 7.6 inches display. Well, that is only possible if you do not mind the cost.

Technical Specifications

These are various components responsible for everything functioning in a smart phone. You could say that it is similar to your brain, but it has AI capabilities. It allows that mobile phone to run flawlessly. So, it would not lag when the user is using apps simultaneously. Here are those below.

                          I.          RAM

The acronym of this processor stands for Random Access Memory, and this is the place that holds data of a smart phone. The bigger it is, the faster the device becomes. However, for everyday use, 8GB of RAM will do.

                        II.          CPU

The CPU inside a smart phone is similar to the one in computers. They are responsible for keeping the mobile phone running, including the OS. However, iOS and Android have different numbers of cores. For Apple, they usually have one to two cores on the mobile phone unit they sell. While, for Android, a regular one has four cores.

                      III.          Screen Quality

Unlike the screen size above, this one determines the quality of brightness and sharpness it displays. In other words, the screen resolution of the mobile phone. If you want to see things vividly, up should get 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. That way, you can view everything in high-definition.

                     IV.          Storage Space

Let us be honest. You store everything on your phone. That means 16GB of internal memory is not enough, especially if you choose to get an iPhone. So, make sure to get a smart phone in Malaysia that has at least 32GB of internal memory with expandable storage.


Instead of bringing your DSLR camera, your smart phone should be able to take quality photos of you. That way, you are Insta-ready at all times.

Therefore, when choosing a camera for your mobile phone, the megapixels are not the only thing you need to consider. It should also have good lighting. So, it could capture the events in well-lit surroundings.

Battery Life

Since you would be using your smart phone most of the time, it should last five to six hours. That way, you would not have to charge it two to three times a day. So, make sure to get a mobile phone that has at least 3,000 mAh. Even better if you find a higher mAh, so you would be able to binge-watch your favourite Netflix movie.

Of course, you would need to weigh which of these features you need the most. That way, you could balance it with your budget. So, think carefully, which of these features do you often use the most? Do you usually save files, videos, and pictures on your smart phone? Or do you use it to take selfies and other instagrammablephotos? Whatever it is, it is your choice to make. So, take your time and consider the rest of this article.

Other Things You Should Take into Account When Buying Smartphone in Malaysia

As you already know, a smart phone makes our lives easier, not only for our personal needs but also for our work. That is why, as much as possible, it should not only have a long battery life but other things that could provide more conveniences. Here, take a look at what those conveniences are that your smart phone should probably have.

Miscellaneous Things to Consider

Wireless Charging

Instead of charging your phone with a cord, you only need to place your smart phone on a charging pad. This device works by transmitting electromagnetic waves until the mobile device gets fully charged. 

Fingerprint sensor vs Face Unlock

This feature helps you unlock your smart phone in Malaysia without tapping it with your fingers. You only need to scan your fingerprint or your face to open it. That saves you time thinking about your password again. Also, no one gets to use your device without your facial feature or fingerprint.

Bluetooth version

If you love sending files with your deskmate at work, your smart phone should have this one. That way, you would not need to upload it on your messenger. Also, the photos you will be sending would have the same megapixels.

IP Rating

This one stands for how well-sealed the electrical parts of your smart phones. In other words, it would not get dust or get moisture if you were to play music inside the shower. Therefore, the higher the IP rating is, the better. That means you could bring it anywhere, especially if it has IP ratings of 68. However, if you cannot afford that, an IP rating of 65 will do. It would keep your mobile phone safe even on rainy days.

Dual Sim   

These two words state what it is. It allows you to have two different numbers on a smart phone. Therefore, you could contact a lot more people at the same time. That is why, if you want to separate their personal lives from their work, you should get a dual sim smart phone in Malaysia.


This acronym stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that allows you to send and receive transactions within four centimetres or less. It is quite similar to how Bluetooth works. Nevertheless, if you rarely use this, you could turn it off whenever you want.

What You Should Not Consider at the Moment

Foldable Design

While it looks pleasing in the eyes, this one is only new in the market. Therefore, you never know if they are worth it or not. Also, since it has no real glass, you might see a few bumps or creases in a few months you use it. So, if you are not careful, you might damage this type of mobile phone right away. So, consider buying other types of mobile devices.

5G Phones and Devices

Even though 5G allows you to connect faster, some countries do not have it yet. As for our country, the deployment of this technology has been moved to 2023. That is why you cannot still buy this mobile phone in the market at the moment. Well, even if you could buy it abroad and bring it here, it would still not work. So, hold off your thoughts, and consider getting this some other time.

See, these other things could make your life a lot easier. However, that does not mean you should consider them all. Well, you can, though expect that the price of that phone in Malaysia would not be the cheapest. So, think wisely about which one suits your budget and needs the most. It would help you find the right smart phone for yourself.

Where Could You Buy an Authentic Smartphone in Malaysia?

If you already have a brand and model in mind, then that is great! The only thing left is where you should purchase it. Unlike years ago, there are now tons of places you can go and get a smart phone in Malaysia. However, it is quite hard to know if what they offer is indeed an authentic one.

So, for you not to get into a bad situation, make sure you do your homework. When you visit an online store, check its physical address so you could drop by there in person. Also, make sure to read their customer reviews. It would help you find out what kind of experience their past clients had with them. Lastly, know which brands and models they offer and how much it would cost. That rest assured you that they have the one you like to buy.

In Conclusion

Whatever your choices are, it has an impact on what smart phone you would get in Malaysia. So, make sure you take your time and think about things thoroughly. That way, you would get the mobile phone you needed the most. As a result, you would not regret purchasing it.

In any case, you are looking for a shop that offers an authentic mobile phone at an affordable price, go to Harvey Norman in Malaysia. They have various selections that might pique your interest. So, visit them now today and see which smart phone you should replace with your current one. If you already have found the perfect smart phone for your needs and budget with the help of this article, let us know in the comments section. It might inspire others to discover what they are looking for.