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A Quick Guide To Singapore’s Maxicab Services

Mode of transport is essential, especially if you are travelling to a new place. One of the greatest rules in exploring a new area is to familiarize yourself with the transportation modes. Knowing the transport system makes your vacation smooth sailing and hassle-free.

The most popular transportation mode in Singapore is the subway system– Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT). However, if you want to explore Singapore more comfortably, taxi and maxi cab services are the perfect transport mode for you.

Maxi Cab in Singapore

Maxicab in SG is almost the equivalent of ordinary cabs and taxis abroad; however, it is privately-hired a car. Compared to subways and busses, maxi cab gives more comfort, convenience and flexibility to commuters.

For special and private occasions, commuters prefer hiring a maxicab in Singaporethan taking a mass transport system.

According to the Land Transport Authority, private-hired vehicles recorded at least 419,000 rides per day in 2019.

Traditional Taxi vs Private Taxi

Just like every country, Singapore has traditional, street-hail cabs and taxis. Before the emergence of private-hire taxi and maxicab in SG, taxis were the most preferred option for convenient and comfortable transportation.

Different operators manage taxi fleets in Singapore. Each operator has a designated colour for their fleet– yellow, blue, red and so on. According to the Land Transport Authority, there are seven traditional taxi operators in Singapore today.

Unlike theSG maxi cab, traditional taxis are metred to identify the fare rate of each journey. The first kilometre of the ride usually has a flag down rate. The rate increases every 400 metres after the first kilometre.

Traditional taxis follow a strict route. They have their pick-up and drop-off points, which are normally found in crowded areas such as malls, hotels and tourist spots. Maxi cab servicesin Singapore accommodate door to door journeys.

On the other hand, private taxis entered the Singapore market in 2013. Unlike traditional taxis which are always available at their pick-up points, private taxis are booked online via mobile app. They do not have their own terminals, taxi stands or pick-up points.

Similar to taxis, private taxis have their metre for their fare rate. They also have their flag down cost.

Both traditional and private taxis have a surcharge, depending on the route, place, passengers, weather and peak hours.

Taxi vs SG Maxi Cab

Maxi cab services in Singapore is another type of private-hire car. Besides traditional and private taxis, Singaporeans hireSG maxi cab for specific reasons.

1.    Number of Passengers

Normal taxis cabs in Singapore use vehicles that can only accommodate less than six passengers. Traditional and private taxis usually use smaller or mid-range car brands and models such as Kia, Toyota, Hyundai.

Meanwhile, maxicab SG can accommodate more than six people. Maxi cab services in Singapore are preferable for group travels. They use bigger cars such as vans, minibuses and even limousines.

2.    Types of Car

Traditional and private taxis use mid-range car brands and models like Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i40, and Hyundai Sonata. Most of these cars can accommodate six people, excluding the driver.

Maxicab in Singapore often uses bigger and more high-end to luxurious cars, including Mercedes-Benz Viano, Alphard, and Toyota Hi-Ace. These cars are normally six to seven-seaters. They also offer limousines and other customised vehicles, including party buses.

3.    Bookings

Street-hailing is more common for traditional taxis, although some now have online and telephone booking features. Premier taxis have online bookings, as well. You find traditional cabs waiting at taxi terminals or stands.

You can hire private taxis via mobile app bookings. Private taxis cannot wait for passengers at traditional cab terminals and stands.

Similar to private taxis, SG maxi cab is available online. You can book the model of your choice through their mobile app or website. Booking usually lasts for only a minute.

Companies, tourists, and VIPs prefer maxicab in SG than the traditional and private taxi.

4.    Fare

Traditional and private taxis charge passengers based on the metre rate. Each traditional and private taxi operator has its own first-kilometre flag down rate. Additional charges may apply to the standard fare rare every 400 metres after the first kilometre.

Traditional and private taxis also have surcharges. Surcharges vary depending on the taxi operator, drivers nearby, route and place, peak hours and weather.

On the other hand, maxicab services have hourly rates. The hourly rate may vary depending on the type and model of the car.

Traditional, private, and maxi cab SG accept different payment methods such as cash, credit and debit cards and stored value cards.

5.    Travel and Route

Traditional taxis are strictly following routes around the CBD. They have pick-up and drop-off points. Normally, these taxi terminals and stands are located near crowded areas such as malls, hotels, tourist spots etc.

Private taxis have a door to door service; however, they are not allowed to pick up passengers from taxi stands. They are also mandated to choose the most efficient route.

Maxi cab services in Singaporeare more convenient and flexible. Besides allowing the passenger’s prefered route, maxicab in Singapore can also have multiple stops along the journey.

Factors To Consider When Booking A Maxi Cab in Singapore


If you are planning to travel and explore the beauty of the Lion City, choosing your mode of transport is the first step. Singapore has a quite generous option for the transport system. You can take the subway called MRT, bus or just walk around and enjoy the streets.

Maxi cab services in Singapore is the perfect choice for travellers who want to explore Singapore in a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing an SG maxi cabto travel around the Lion City:

The Purpose of your Travel

SG maxi cabis perfect for local and foreign tourists who want to visit unique destinations in Singapore. Maxicab in SG can accommodate seven or more people, ideal for tourist groups. You can choose between mid-range and luxurious seven-seater cars.

There are maxi cab services in Singapore that also offer tourist tours and recommend travel itinerary for you.

Companies also hire a maxicab in SG for corporate works. They often pick up their VIPs using luxurious maxicab in Singapore from the airport and assist them with their business trips. Maxicab in SG is also ideal as a service vehicle for special events.

Maxicab services in Singapore is ideal for family travels and road trips, as well.


A part of our travel expenses goes to the transportation allowance. An SG maxi cab can be more expensive than other public transports like the subway and buses.

Normally, maxi cab services charge based on their hourly rate. Each service provider has unique hourly rates. The price also varies depending on the car brand and model. Usually, luxurious cars, limousines and customised vehicles like party buses are more costly than ordinary vehicles. On the other hand, the size of the cars also affects the price. A seven-seater car may be cheaper than a nine-seater vehicle.

Another factor that determines the budget is the date. There may be a price increase when the company has tight bookings. It is much better to book amaxicab in SG earlier, before the peak days such as holidays.

Maxi cab service provider

It is necessary to check for the reputation of maxi cab services providers in Singaporebefore making a reservation or booking. You should check for their:

●      Licence and insurance

The chosen company should have a licence to operate just like any other businesses. This ensures your safety and protection as a passenger in case of road accident and crime.

You should also check insurances. Learn if you, the passenger, your items and properties inside the car and the car itself are insured. It is for your protection as well.

●      The roadworthiness of the car

An SG maxi cab should always be at its optimum function. As much as possible, ask the service provider if the cars are regularly maintained. Besides the machine, check the interior maxi cab condition, especially the AC, GPS system, speakers etc.

●      Drivers

Apart from the car, ask if the driver or the chauffeur is fit to drive, especially on long trips. Besides the drivers’ licence, they must also possess knowledge about road safety rules and practices.

Number and condition of passengers

Generally, a maxi cab in SG is for group travel. The car collection of maxi cab services providersinSingapore varies depending on its size. Most maxi cabs are seven-seater vehicles; however, there are cars that can accommodate more. Customised vehicles like party buses that can carry more than ten passengers are also available in Singapore.

Besides the number, you should also consider the condition of passengers. Some maxi cab services providers in Singaporeoffer wheelchair assistance. They often have vehicles that can support this special need to provide more convenience to the passengers.

Other Alternative Transportation System in Singapore


For the lone tourist and traveller who wants to experience being a local in Singapore, trying out mass public transport is an excellent choice. Singapore provides more transportation options and alternatives to theSG maxi cabfor people who consider cheaper fare.

Here are Singapore’s other modes of transport:


Singapore has two train systems: Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and the smaller Light Rail Transit (LRT).

Trains are the fastest and most accessible way to wander around Singapore. Most train stations are situated near Singapore’s tourist attractions.

You can reach these places through a point-to-point maxicab in SG or walk metres from the train stations.

The trains normally operate between 5:30 AM and 12:00 AM every day. There may be extended operation hours during holidays and festivity seasons.

Like the maxicab in SG,the payment methods are quite flexible. EZ Link cards or stored value cards are available at ticketing offices.


For people who want a cheaper version of maxicab in SG, try riding a bus. All the buses in Singapore are fully air conditioned to provide comfort to commuters.

They also have extensive routes, almost covering entire Singapore, making them a convenient transportation mode.

However, buses get congested during peak and rush hours. Depending on the route, the bus operates between 5:00 AM and 12:00 AM every day.

The fare is also much cheaper than an SGmaxicab. You can pay via cash or EZ Link cards.


Traditional and private taxis can access places that are not covered by the bus and train routes. Taxis are also a comfortable way to travel around Singapore.

Like maxicab in SG, you can book a taxi via online apps. Taxi stands are also situated nearby hotels, malls and tourist attractions.

However, taxi fare is much more costly compared to buses. Surcharges may also apply.

If your group wants to travel from places to places with the same comfort level,SG maxi cabis a better choice.

River Taxi

Besides the typical land transport, Singapore also has river taxis. Bumboats or river taxis travel along the riverbank to transport passengers to the five stations: Robertson Quay, Clemenceau, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and the Esplanade.

River taxi’s service hours are 08:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm every weekday. River taxis are not available on weekends.

The payment methods for Singapore’s river taxis are EZ-link or NETS FlashPay cards.

An SG maxi cab is available every day.


The best thing about Singapore is they also allocate paths for cyclists. For people who want a quick and sustainable way to move around the city, the bicycle is your best choice.

There are operators that lease bicycles for people. If you have your own foldable bike, feel free to carry it around and bring it on board trains and buses.

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