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Airgun Safety Tips to Protect You and Your Gun

Airguns continue to grow in popularity for a number of reasons one of them being safety. Airguns come loaded with a whole lot of safety features that you are not likely to find in other regular guns. Guns such as the BSA R10 bring not only power but also a myriad of features that will enhance your safety and that of those around you as you dash around the shooting range. However, even with these you still have to take precaution while operating your gun. It is an exhilarating experience but you need take the necessary measures to avoid avoidable injuries. 

Avoid the avoidable 

A majority of BB gun injuries can be prevented simply by taking the necessary steps before and after using the gun. If you go out hunting and are successful to bring down a bunch of rabbits but then you injured someone in the process, that trip is not going to be such a great success. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind: 

  • Right ammunition 

There is always an assumption that ammo from gun A can be used in gun B as well. While this might work quite well if the guns are similar, sometimes it is a huge risk to take. Using the wrong ammunition is dangerous as it may result in a misfire. 

  • Eye and ear protection

Honestly, gun equipment is expensive. Nonetheless there are ways you can get yourself the accessories you need without having to spend a fortune in the process. Ronnie Sunshines provides not only the guns but also the protection. Therefore, if you want to buy a BSA R10 air rifle kit you will be able to do so with tremendous ease right from the comfort of your house. You cannot afford to go to the shooting range without this equipment. 

  • Dress appropriately 

The muzzle is bound to get hot depending on how much you use the gun during your trip to the hunting grounds or shooting range. Therefore, shorts are not a good option. Secondly, if you are wearing camo then you might need to get something bright to go with it so that other hunters can see you. 

  • Lock the trigger 

Most guns such as the BSA R10 come with indications on the state of the trigger. Ensure that you lock the trigger in place with the safety lock. Check if your gun has one before using it. 

  • Storing the gun

Unload all the ammo before you store the gun. This is probably the one safety rule that every gun owner needs to keep in mind. You can store the ammo next to the gun but do not leave the gun loaded. Most guns come with safety rods that you can use to ensure that no pellet remains inside the barrel or chamber. Even if your gun does not come with one of these, you can always get the accessories online or buy a kit such as the BSA R10 air rifle kit, which comes with most of the equipment you will need, and thus you will only need to buy a few other items that may not be included in the kit.