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An Offer From BBQs 2u that is Hard To Resist

Those who love barbeque parties are very much aware of BBQs 2u who is known as a retailer of a few well-known brands of pizza ovens like Kamado Joe, Ooni, and Napoleon barbecue, etc.

BBQs 2u had started selling barbecues for almost the last 20 years and they are quite passionate about all their barbecues. They also have very good knowledge about grilling that they happily share with their clients too.

They are selling a good variety of ovens and their accessories of Kamado Big Joe and some of them are Kamado Joe BBQs and Kamado Joe – Big Joe III, etc.

Kamado Joe BBQs UK

This is an ancient grill of Asian-style, which is a cooker with a thick wall that imparts a very rich and smoky flavor to fish, meats, and vegetables. 

Kamado Joe has maintained the century-old tradition of using charcoal heating and that has been modernized with their classic style of the grill with their innovative accessories, unparalleled craftsmanship, and various flexible cooking surfaces.

As compared to any other grills, Kamado grills have got much thicker walls and they can retain heat more effectively and efficiently. Kamado grills will be very stable once they are pre-heated, and able to cook both at low and high temperatures so long as the grill can retain charcoal and oxygen

These grills are quite durable and are mostly made from ceramic compounds. The name of Kamado grills has come from the term that is used in the Japanese language for charcoal or wood-fueled cooking appliance. 

A traditional version of kamado was actually made from clay and a few other ceramic materials for creating a large urn, which is similar to a tandoor. No doubt, ceramic grills are considered to be the best kamado grills so far as durability, versatility, and temperature control is concerned. 

Kamado Joe – Big Joe 3

Another model of Kamado Joe is their Big Joe 3 model and this grill includes a few latest innovations. In this model, there is more cooking surface meant for big family gatherings. 

It also includes an additional insert of SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber, which is having a cart and also side tables.

This SloRoller has been developed by Havard university where the power of the cyclonic airflow technology has been harnessed to control smoke and heat.  

This model is a fantastic Kamado grill that has become very popular. It has got a huge cooking grill that is ideal for bigger BBQ cooks

One can use this cooking grate for holding food just above the cooking grid. Using the Expander can be the ideal way to bake pizzas high in the dome. It will be quite useful to have the one/two grill option. On certain occasions when there will be a need for grilling smaller numbers, then one can simply use the divider plate of the basket to partition the firebox for creating dual temperature zones.

A lot of reviews about the products of Kamado Joe grills and ovens can also be seen in various social network sites like Twitter and FaceBook where users have expressed various comments too.