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Android Phone Booster

Unlike iPhone, Android phones loses it performance with time and quickly. It is nothing to do with Android. Because there are plenty of Android phones at any price range. When you buy Android phone for a lower price, you have to face that problem. iPhone are expensive and have flagship level hardware. You can have flagship level Android phone at higher prices. Flagship phones perform better with time. For example, Samsung Galaxy S8 work smoothly on these days too.

You are here to get performance out of your device, not to buy a new one. So are there any effective ways to bring device performance and storage space. There are plenty of recommended Android cleaning tools that can boost Android phone performance for free. Nox Cleaner, Clean Master, CCleanr, Phone Master are some of them. Here we are using NOX Cleaner. Because it is light weight and does not require much storage space to install.

Phone Booster must have all the features required to boost and optimize. There are only few apps that actually has those features. For example, junk cleaning, Memory booster, CPU Cooler, Notification cleaner, Virus Scanner are the must have features. Because you may lose device storage and resources if you install separate application for each feature. Having all the features in one application save storage and resources.

You can download latest version of NOX Cleaner from any Android app stores like Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, AC Market and Aptoide for free. You can try this application on Android TV boxes too. You can use Aptoide TV or Filelinked to install this application on your TV box. Make sure to use external mouse. Because these apps are designed for touch screens. It may be hard to use that app using TV remote.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Below listed only few features. Feel free to install this app and find all other features.

Junk remover – Remove all the junks like cache, residuals from updates, residual files from uninstalled apps and games, files from social media and messaging apps, apk files and more. Junk removal process helps you to get more storage and performance.

Memory Booster – This is the most used feature on any cleaning application. When your current running application stuck and does not respond well, use this feature to close all the opened apps and background processers to make room for your current application.

Notification blocker – If you phone push many notifications and most of them are useless, then use this feature. You can easily block all unwanted notifications. No more annoying notification sounds.

There are many more features that doesn’t mention here like Antivirus, App Manger, Game booster, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, App Locker and more.