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Basic Information on Industrial & Institutional Catering Services

Institutional catering is more commonly associated with stores and factories that prepare food primarily to meet the demands of the personnel. The service is not only for companies but also for other institutions like schools and organisations. Industrial catering services ensure the food is nutritionally-balanced for the type of work the employees perform. It is significant and delicate since it serves a diverse set of individuals with multicultural and religious views.


Types, Menu Considerations and Problems of Industrial and Institutional Catering

Although many think that industrial and institutional catering services are the same, they are different. Industrial catering is more commonly associated with stores and factories. It is a firm that prepares food to meet the demands of the personnel.

Some organisations or institutes run cafeterias for a loss or charge nominal or subsidised charges. Providing a canteen in your company or organisation is critical, as good and healthy food significantly impacts employee motivation. Here are the three types of industrial or institutional catering services.


Here are the three industrial or institutional catering services you can hire that serve various purposes.

#1 Profit-Oriented

A profit-oriented industrial or institutional caterer is within the premises of your company, organisation or institution. These are commercial canteens, restaurants, and cafés catering to all individuals––employees, visitors, staff, etc. They offer various cooked dishes and beverages and charge fixed prices.

#2 Running on Break-even

These industrial and institutional canteen catering services serve food solely based on personnel requirements.

#3 Subsidised

Subsidised industrial or institutional catering is the supply of food and drinks to ‘people at work’ in industries, factories, or educational institutions at heavily subsidised rates. The idea of subsidised canteens is from the premise that better-nourished employees, workers, staff and students are happier and more productive.

Menu Considerations

Companies should consider five factors when working with the three types of canteen catering services. They are:

  • There is a cyclical menu for regular meals and a restricted selection in canteens
  • The company and the industrial or institutional caterer should consider employee nutritional needs while creating a cuisine
  • Reasonable costs in line with the service provided
  • Most implement fundamental menus, which only require a small culinary crew for preparation for a short time
  • Providing unique menus for special occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and parties

Associated Problems

There are many benefits to hiring an industrial or institutional caterer. However, there are still some problems companies can encounter. They are:

  • Menu exhaustion
  • It is challenging to combine nutritional value with flavour
  • Portion management
  • Persons eat in different quantities; for example, males eat more than women, and people who undertake physical labour consume more than those who work in an office
  • It is challenging for food service employees to fulfil the expectations of customers
  • You must feed a substantial amount of individuals in a short period
  • High hygiene and sanitation standards
  • It is challenging to prepare and manage suitable amenities, such as dining hall space, seating arrangements, food and water service, etc.
  • Chefs must operate within limited budgets while meeting consumers’ high expectations



Benefits of Hiring Industrial Catering Services

Breaking bread as a group can increase performance and generate a sense of connection amongst employees. Employees want to gather for lunch in the comfort and security of the office. Businesses may respond to this transition by providing nutritious, convenient, and varied office lunches through reputable canteen catering services. Here are the five benefits companies and their employees can receive by hiring such services.

#1 Not Having to Go Outside

Virtual food enterprises and catering firms will be the standard soon. One of the most noticeable advantages of office lunch catering and pantry management services is that you do not have to sacrifice time to search outside for food. The catering business brings food to your office, letting you stay secure inside.

#2 Accessible Nutritious Lunch

The food you consume impacts your entire health. Your body cannot function optimally without the proper fuel. A nutritious lunch can boost productivity by up to 20%. Employers should partner with an industrial or institutional caterer that specialises in offering nutrition-filled yet delicious meals. If you have people with dietary limitations in your business, such as vegans or staff with allergies, make your caterer aware of this. Encourage your employees to prepare for a productive afternoon and evening by eating a nutritious meal packed with whole grains, lean protein, fresh vegetables and fruit.

#3 Menu Variety

Staying in for lunch has never been more appealing to employees, with the advent of workplace canteens, free lunch employer bonuses, and pandemic limitations. Industrial and institutional caterers are not simply skilled in preparing gourmet foods. They also know how to put together elegant meals. An industrial or institutional catering firm may help you meet your goals, whether putting on a spread for visiting business clients or offering nutritious yet entertaining employee lunches.

#4 Aids in Employee Turnover Reduction

Around one-third of employees are actively seeking new work. 12 out of every 100 employees said they left their jobs for a better work-life balance. Furthermore, 11 out of 100 employees leave due to poor management practices. Offering employees provided meals at your company may help to alleviate some of these concerns. Eating lunch together as a group may help workers and management bond. Employees who take advantage of workplace canteen catering services help employees save time.

#5 Stress-free Lunch

Hiring canteen catering services offer employees, clients, and business visitors a nutritious, quick, and diverse alternative to takeout or dine-in lunches. Food also comes at a price that may be as low or as high as you need. Employees do not need to stress about not having enough time to look for a place to get their food and eat.

Work with a Trusted Canteen Catering Services

Pro*3 provides practical and vital food solutions. An industrial or institutional food caterer tailors their menus to the demands of their clients from various sectors. They recognise that different vocations have varied dietary requirements. As a result, their pantry management services aim to meet the specific needs of every business. Offering the correct meal may improve your employees’ health and productivity. Furthermore, canteen catering and pantry management services might save you money on corporate buffets. Visit and explore their website for more valuable information.