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Batik Dress: How Traditional Clothes Can Help You Embrace a New Culture

There are multiple cultures and traditions around the world. And, of course, all of them are beautiful. From Asia to Africa, culture symbolises the history of a place– the battle it fought, the victories it won and the people who built the nation. Beauty or aesthetics are the words you can associate with culture and heritage. For instance, in Indonesia, Batik is a technique that uses wax-resist dyeing applied to the cloth.

Batik is usually a drawing of dots or lines that compose a beautiful art design. See, it is rich in beauty that shows cultural identity. Since Indonesia is a neighbouring country of Singapore, Singaporeans can also wear a modern batik dress to celebrate their Malay heritage. This way, you can promote unity in Asian society and promote peace among our differences.

To have peace and unity among people of different cultures, here are the reasons why you should wear traditional clothes like batik shirt and batik dress in Singapore to give respect to your Asian heritage.

Why People Should Wear Traditional Clothes

Modern fashion is more about aesthetics than cultural representation. As the world reaches globalisation, the interchange of cultures is a common scenario. For instance, if you go to Singapore, you can see people wearing shirts and pants like in other countries. Today, fashion has less cultural identity but more on style and aesthetics.

As there is nothing wrong with wearing modern fashion, it is also helpful to commemorate your culture by wearing clothes from time to time. If you have an Indonesian heritage, you can start wearing a modern batik dress and show your culture. In doing so, you’ll be able to embrace your identity in this advanced world.

So, here’s why people should wear traditional clothes like batik dress and batik shirt in Singapore.


It Makes You Proud of Your Nationality

Since Singapore is a diverse country, it is a place where you can be proud of your culture or ethnicity without racism. So, grab this opportunity to embrace your Asian heritage. You can start by wearing traditional clothes like a batik dress and a batik shirt. If you’re hesitating because it might look too uncommon in public, there is a modern batik dress to blend in with the current fashion.

Also, you’re unique in a respectable way. It shows your respect, love and patriotism to your country when wearing traditional clothes. It also goes to other nationalities like American, European, Asian, African, South American, etc.

Every culture is valid for celebration and pride. So, start embracing it by wearing traditional clothes for a day. Keep in mind that traditional clothes will forever be in style because culture is an aspect that everyone should respect.

You Make the Tradition Alive

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that a tradition will die if no one celebrates it. As part of a culture, you have the responsibility to continue the legacy of your ancestors. After all, building a culture requires years, sacrifices and innovations to prosper. So, don’t let it go to waste. Starting from now, prioritise your heritage by wearing traditional clothes like a batik shirt or batik dress.

As you can see, most people like wearing clothes from modern fashion designers. Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. However, they overlook the value of traditional attire in this new world. It may seem unimportant but traditional clothes make culture alive! It gives us uniqueness from one another in a respectful way.

Culture and traditions are also a way to see how humans are creative. The difference allows us to respect one another. Keep in mind the cultural differences are not valid reasons to spread hate and racism. Open your mind and see how it teaches society to become more accepting.

Traditional Clothes Feel Comfortable

Some traditional clothes are less complicated than modern ones. In the past, people wore simple attire such as shirts, shorts, or sandals, which shows fewer additional ornaments or accessories, and it also shows that some traditional clothes value comfortability.

For instance, a modern batik dress for men is a simple polo shirt or shorts with ethnic designs. For women, you can wear a batik dress or skirt. Plus, there are even batik slippers for everyone. If you wear this, it will feel comfortable because of the texture.

Plus, some people wear traditional clothes to dance, sing, or celebrate a festival. Hence, they would need comfortable clothes to move freely. Luckily, a batik shirt and batik dress in Singapore have a modernised version. This way, you can use them whenever you want! You can even use it during family reunions, hanging out with friends or running errands.

You Can Inspire Other People

Standing out in the crowd is sometimes a positive or negative thing. For some reason, standing out means you’ve done something unique and remarkable. Wearing traditional clothes is a revolutionary act that can inspire other people. You show the world your heritage and culture. A batik shirt or batik dress is a way to showcase your Indonesian or Malay identity.

For sure, people with Indonesian heritage around the world will have inspiration.  They will be more proud of their nationality. Fortunately, you can wear a modern batik dress in your everyday life. You can even use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok to spread your advocacy.

If you look at the bigger picture, you can start a change by encouraging people to embrace their identity. You may even inspire other people from different cultures to also wear their traditional clothes. Lastly, keep in mind that different cultures mean you have to respect the various cultures of humanity. Hence, cultural difference is never a valid reason to use it against someone.

It Spreads Awareness and Knowledge

When you make traditional clothes your daily habit, you can spread awareness and knowledge about your culture. This way, people from different cultures can understand more about your heritage. For instance, batik is an ancient way of clothing in Indonesia. It is a great way to show the world about your culture for inclusivity and belongingness.

For instance, batik is a Java word that means dot in English. It is an ancient tradition passed from generation to generation. Hence, as a part of the modern world, you have the chance to spread this knowledge. Therefore, wear a modern batik dress and batik shirt in Singapore to give importance to your heritage.

Now, it is also essential to know how to respect and embrace your heritage in other ways. So, continue reading to learn more about ways you can love your culture more than just wearing a batik shirt or batik dress in Singapore.



How to Embrace and Love Your Culture and Other Culture

The world is a  diverse place, which means people have different upbringings and backgrounds.   There is a chance that you will meet people with various religions, cultures or lifestyles in your life. At first, you may think that you should not interact with them because of the differences. However, it can lead to discrimination and racism. To avoid, continue reading this section to know how to embrace and love your culture and other cultures.

This way, you can celebrate diversity in different ways. For instance,  you can wear a modern batik dress as attire in your everyday life.


Stop Making Assumptions

It is easy to make assumptions when you don’t know anything about a thing. However, it is not the reason for you to judge and spread hate. Since there are many cultures, it will be difficult for you to familiarise yourself with everything. Hence, practice yourself to stop making assumptions. When you’re unfamiliar with the country, there is a possibility that you only know them through media like news or social media.

However, it may not be an accurate representation of the whole country. It is still better to research and visit the country personally. This way, you can appreciate how the world is full of beautiful nations. For instance, you can admire how batik dress takes inspiration from Indonesian culture. You can also make friends with other people from different countries to know more about the world around you.

Enlighten Yourself

With the online resources, you can read blogs, watch videos or participate in forums to know more about different cultures. It is your responsibility to be open around the world. Keep in mind that enlightening yourself about cultures can help you embrace the uniqueness of various traditions in the world.

There are books you can read that tackle a country. For instance, if you are curious about Indonesia, you can read articles online about its beautiful heritage. You can also watch videos on Youtube about the experiences of foreigners in the said country. Lastly, you can immerse yourself in other cultures by respectfully wearing their traditional costumes.

In Indonesia, there is a batik dress and batik shirt that everyone can wear. If you want to wear batik shirts in public, you can choose a modern batik dress to blend in with the current fashion trend.

You Should be Willing to Understand Your Mistakes

When learning about a new culture, it is easy to make mistakes. You can make a mistake about the way you dress, terms, or even the way you eat! Hence, it is essential to have a willingness to understand your mistakes. Let people correct you and become a better person. This way, you can also avoid being racist against other groups of people.

To do this, you should have open communication with other people. Ask them about the things you need to change. For instance, you want to wear a batik dress. Therefore, ask some local people about the proper ways to wear a modern batik dress or batik shirt. This way, you’ll know the correct customs and etiquette.

Give Some Respect

Always remember to give respect to a culture that is unfamiliar to you. As mentioned above, the world is a diverse place. A day may come when you will interact with other cultures. If so, you have to be mindful of your actions. As a Singaporean, you live in a diverse society where various cultures like Chinese, Malay, and Indian interact in one country. It is a sign that you need to be more respectful.

Also, if you want to try an activity from other cultures, you need to know their customs and etiquette. For instance, you want to wear traditional clothes like a batik dress or batik shirt in Singapore. The first thing you can do is to research more about them. In doing so, you would know how to wear it properly.

Engage With the Culture

To appreciate other cultures, you can engage yourself with them. It is better to travel to their country and interact with the locals. This way, you can meet wonderful and kind people that can shape your opinion about the culture. It is also advisable to know their history. After all, history shapes the nation of this modern world. Better yet, you can take advantage of the internet.

You can join forums to talk with international people. You can even make friends with them and let them help you know more about their culture. For instance, you want to know more about Indonesia.

You can ask them more about a batik dress or batik shirt before wearing them. Luckily, there is a modern batik dress that you can buy in Singapore. So, even if you’re not in Indonesia, you can still engage with their culture.


Embracing Culture with Traditional Clothes

Culture is a reflection of a nation. And, of course, every culture has its beauty. That’s why there is nothing wrong if you want to immerse yourself in a different culture from your own. Now, how can you embrace a culture? Of course, you can try wearing traditional clothes to experience a new culture. If so, you should try a batik dress and batik shirt in Singapore.

Luckily, Anmako offers a modern batik dress for those who want to experience Indonesian culture. Anmako is a brand that infuses beautiful Asian cultures and makes them into a fashion statement.

Hence, visit their website to wear traditional clothes in your daily life.