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Best Christmas Lunch Pet Foods Ideas

As you plan to celebrate Christmas, remember your cat in the festivities. Instead of sharing your fancy spicy meals with the cat, have something special for them to join in the celebrations. What works for you as great food is not necessarily safe or good for your pet. Therefore, don’t force your pet to indulge. Of course, you will love to share and probably enjoy it even more than you, but it may be the source of complications you want to avoid from the word go.

So what should you get your cat for Christmas lunch? Please don’t join the statistics of pet parents rushing to get their pets to the vet due to a food emergency. Most of the traditional foods people have during Christmas are certainly not fit for your pet. No matter how tempted you are to share, make sure not to. Instead, opt for raw pet foods if you can.

Top Foods Pets can Enjoy During Christmas.

Just because the foods you will have as a family are not fit for your pet does not mean you shouldn’t get them something good and different during this season. Instead, consider sharing some roasted meats and cooked fish with your cat. However, make sure these are given in moderation and that they are not seasoned.

The top choices would be:

  • Boneless and skinless turkey
  • Fat trimmed Pork, beef, and lamb
  • Freshly cooked salmon, make sure it is not smoked

The same meats can be a great choice for dogs too. However, you can also add veggies to the dog’s diet during Christmas. Top vegetable options include:

  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Swedes
  • Peas

Do not Feed Cats Vegetables.

Remember that cats are carnivorous. Therefore, a bit of lean turkey and some beef and ham pieces are excellent for them. As you prepare food for your family during the Christmas season, remember that the pets will smell the delicious meals from a mile away and won’t be able to sleep. Therefore, make sure to remember them as you enjoy your meals. Just make sure that the food you feed is appropriate for them.

Avoid alcohol and sweet study like chocolate. Pets are meant to eat like they would in the wild. Therefore, please stay away from foods that can cause them harm.

Alternatively, get your pet the best raw foods on the market. Houston Raw Pet Food is a good option.

Reach out today for the best raw pet food for Christmas.