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Best DPS heroes in Overwatch | Season 18

Season 18 could be called the Double Barrier Meta season but let’s analyze the past season and try to figure out which Overwatch heroes were too good for climbing the SR ranks ladder in the game and which were unacceptable.

In the next graph, you could clearly see the top eight damage dealers of Overwatch in Season 18.

As you could see, the absolute champion of this list is Doomfist, and that is understandable. He is an awesome hero that is breaking through barriers without even noticing them. He could quickly delete Sigma and with this simple action the whole double barrier strategy will fall off. That is why he is so appreciated by any team.

Tracer is back

As you could notice, Tracer’s popularity incredibly increased in the past few months, she even climbed to the top 5 of the most popular Overwatch Damage dealers at the GrandMaster league. With the recent Overwatch patch ( she received a huge buff, now the damage from her pulse pistols will fall down only from 13 meters, not from 10. This is ~33% buff and now she could release her bulletstorm on supports from the safe distance.

Before the update, Reaper was a much better choice for almost every situation. His arsenal was better adapted to flank enemies and get in the rares of enemies, where they could not be protected by barriers. Reaper is the Overwatch hero that is much easier to learn and he is no less dangerous than Tracer, while Tracer requires an awesome game sense, knowledge of the inner mechanics, decent tracking ability and to clearly see every opportunity to dash into the ranks of enemies, delete a squishy hero and then recall yourself in the safe position.

But right now, if you are interested in the OW SR boosting, you need to master Tracer, this is one of the strongest characters in the whole game, every booster at https://expertboosting.com have her in their hero pool. The overall buff might look not insanely good for an inexperienced player of the mid and low SR league (Platinum and below). But Masters and GrandMasters were incredibly hyped with this change. Tracer is such a hero that is relying on the damage and survivability, such an enhancement insanely increases the distance from where she is turning into a death-machine. Here are some pure numbers:

  • At the distance from 0 to 13 meters she needs only one clip to delete a hero with the 200 hp pool, the distance was increased by 3 meters and that is insanely good.
  • At the distance from 13 to 23 meters her damage falls off, an enemy with the 200 hp at the distance of 16 meters pool will require at least two clips, but before the update, he would absorb at least three clips before falling dead.

As you could see at these examples, the opponent still could survive your attack, everything depends on your tracking skill, but with some practice, you will quickly fight your path straight to the Master league (and even GrandMaster if you will be determined enough).