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Best & Worst Odds Games at Online Casinos

Whenever playing any game of chance, you’ll always want to target the best ways of winning to ensure you’re getting the most out of your playing opportunities – whilst land based casinos may have been a little more obscure in how some odds work for example, online casinos are typically a little more transparent as some of the biggest  found here at Max provide plenty of entertainment, and it’s much more widely known which games offer the best chances of winning, and which should be steered clear of. So, which should you target?

Blackjack ­– The classic  tabletop card game is certainly one of the favourites, but it’s also one of the fairest games too – the RNG aspect of how cards are shuffled between each hand means that offline strategies aren’t effective online, and given you’re only playing against the dealer and not other players, in the simplest sense your odds are more of a 50/50. With opportunities for big wins and jackpots, it’s certainly one of the better online casino games to target if you’re looking for the best odds of winning. There is some strategy, however, if you’re looking to up your game, and searching around can offer some insight, but the best approach is to enjoy the game and the wins will come.

Roulette – Another of the big tabletop favourites at the casino, the roulette table is similar in the odds that it can offer and is all down to chance – simple bets can be placed with colour on either red or black, or you can try some betting strategies with different number betting if you choose so too – the odds are a little worse than blackjack with the additional green tab and the O & OO rolls too, but given each throw is truly random, it’s another of the better odds to win games at an online casino.

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Slots – The most widely used and the most popular, slots both online and offline are a mainstay in the casino industry. Innovations to different platforms online mean that slots are changing away from just the original three-reel rollers that many had become accustomed to, and more towards the many different variations. Unfortunately, they also amongst the lowest odds of winning for all casino games as each roll is truly randomised with RNG software – although there are myths out there that there are ways to predict when the next big win might come, or spinning strategies to help you out, these don’t work well for online options, and may not help at all. Are you looking for the best casino tournaments in India? Then look no further! We have listed Happy Luke Tournaments where you can play various games like slots, roulette, blackjack etc.