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Brighten Up Your Finger With The Moissanite Solitaire Rings

Are you thinking of giving something unique on your first date? Well, we have an excellent idea. Have you ever heard about moissanite? Well, it is not a very popular stone till now. However, due to the price and the beautiful finishing, it is gaining high popularity worldwide.

Moreover, the moissanite solitaire rings can impress any girl in an instant. Women are worshippers of beauty. Hence, if you are trying to impress a girl, whether it is your mother, girlfriend, or wife, nothing can be more apt than a lovely solitaire ring. Also, girls do not need any particular occasion to put on pieces of jewellery. Alexander Sparks understand these emotions and try to deliver the best possible services. You can get an unbelievable collection of moissanite solitaire rings and other moissanite jewellery, here.

Love Of Every Girl

Jewelleries are the love of every girl. However, tastes and preferences are not the same for everyone. Some love gold, some diamonds, whereas some even like to wear pretty pearls. Whatever material it is, the main motive is to look elegant and gorgeous at the same time. Alexander Sparks is the epitome of all those precious possessions that you will never want to miss. The moissanite is a valuable gemstone that looks very similar to diamonds. Therefore, in the modern era, it is an affordable alternative for expensive diamond jewellery. Thus, if you are in tension about how you can afford a diamond ring, this moissanite can be a brilliant replacement.

You can now get a superb opportunity to have an appropriate moissanite solitaire ring for your engagement. Moreover, the varieties that you will get in these rings are incredible. Before you buy any gem or jewellery, it is vital to know that they are original. Nowadays, fraud is very common with respect to stones. Hence, you must be extra cautious while purchasing such expensive jewellery. Moissanite is a hard stone that measures 9.5 on the Mohs scale. This is almost the same as the diamond. So, you can understand that there is a very thin line of difference between the two stones.

Make Your Engagement Special

It is a trend among modern couples to have solitaire rings on the engagement ceremony. Generally, people love to wear diamond rings on such special occasions. However, it is not possible for everybody to spend so much money on a mere ring. But, engagement is a one-time phenomenon and a very important day for the couple. Hence, everybody has some dreams for this special occasion. We think about those couples and provide them with an easy solution. So, if you cannot buy a diamond ring, do not worry. The moissanite solitaire rings will definitely fulfil all your dreams and will help you to start a new life full of love.

Furthermore, these gemstones shine so brightly that you will forget about the diamonds. The best part of these rings is the eco-friendly nature. The new favourites of the modern times include the classic, cushion cut, and oval solitaire rings for any big occasion. A simple and elegant moissanite solitaire ring will enhance the beauty of your finger. You can get various shapes and sizes in these rings from Alexander Sparks and choose the one you love the most.

Currently, there is also a golden opportunity for you to order the solitaire rings online. So, if you do not have the time to visit the jewellery shop physically, then you can always order them online after comparing the prices and the types.

Clear The Doubts

Many people doubt whether a moissanite ring will be a profitable investment or not. Well, in case you have any doubt about whether to buy this ring or not, then clear the same after gathering all the necessary information from the authentic sources.

After you possess this precious ring, you must know how to maintain the sparkling nature of it. In order to keep them shine for an elongated period, you must clean the ring periodically. However, do not wear these rings while doing any kind of laborious activities like sports or gardening. Some think that due to normal wear and tear, the rings will lose its shine and will become oily. It is true that regular use can allow oils and dirt to gather on the stones. So, you should not use any kind of chemicals or oils for cleaning these rings. The oils can block light from entering the surface. As a result, moissanite can become cloudy. But, this is not a permanent condition. You can clean the ring with a soft-bristled toothbrush with a mild amount of dishwash mixed with water. You should not rub the stone harshly. That can wash off the shine as well. Hence, simple tabs with a clean towel can return the ring to its original form. Some people also refer to use a blow-dryer to remove the dirt collected at the corners. An ultrasonic cleaner is another brilliant option to clean the ring. You can have your own cleaner or can take the help of the jeweller in this regard.

Wearing The Ring All Time

Since moissanite is a very hard stone, and people love to wear it all the time. But, in that case, you should not forget to take the necessary precautions to protect your ring from the possible damages. Generally, this gemstone does not get scratches. However, too much exposure to water or any rough surface repeatedly can bring some scratches on the ring. It is better to wear a platinum ring with a moissanite stone on it, to increase the life of the jewellery. Thus, some simple modifications can assure you that the product will be on your finger for a lifetime. An engagement ring has hundreds of emotions attached to it. Therefore, girls never want to remove it from the finger. Choosing a platinum band instead of gold will make this possible and will make the product durable. You can also select an inexpensive band if you are reluctant to remove the ring even when you are doing some physical activities.