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In the world of sports betting some people seek to focus only on one market. And specializing in over under goals has made good profits. This text will help you who want to specialize in the over under goal market by teaching you how to calculate the goal odds of both teams.

The lucrative strategy of Over Under Goals

The first thing to do is to see how many 레드 site goals you have scored in the tournament you wish to bet on. Once you know the average amount of goals, choose the two teams you want to bet on and see the total amount of goals for each. So, see how many goals the home team scored in the home and divide that by the number of games played. The same goes for the visitor, but when played away from home.

“If a team has scored 10 goals in total in the last five times it was home, it has 2 goals on average.”

Have this noted before moving on

In John Haigh’s Taking Chances we will take the second step of this text, where the author has created a table that calculates the chances of a team scoring 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 or more goals based on their goal history made in the competition.

Adding an average of 1.2 goals from the visitor with an average of 0.8 goals from the home team, it is easy to determine that our bet will be under 2.5 Goals. Then determine the correct results of a correct bet under under 2.5 goals (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1), find the odds for each team from the table above and then calculate the odds of each result by multiplying.

Now that we have calculated the odds of each exact result on a 2.5 goal under bet , we take the probability of each result and add the percentage.

13.5% + 16.2% + 10.8% + 12.96% + 9.9% + 4.2% = 67.56%

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Determine the Odds

Once the statistical probability of the game ends under under 2.5 goals, the only thing left to do is to convert the result into odds on the 100 / probability account.

  • The above result is: 100 / 67.56 = 1.48

This means that according to John Haigh, we should only bet if the odds are higher than 2.08 . This formula that guarantees a winning bet ? No, but knowing an easy-to-apply betting strategy with a positive expected value guarantees long-term profit.

So always do research on your games, find value bets knowing that you have guaranteed long term profits.