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Bunaken National Sea Park, Discovering The Endless Natural Beauty

Bunaken Island is currently in the Golden Triangle of World Coral Reefs. Over 3000 species are available here. The Golden Triangle is a sea route which joins tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. Because of the natural abundance of Bunaken, international and national non-governmental organizations have been cooperating in preserving the mangrove and coral reefs.

Bunaken National Sea Park is also now a home of 75,265 hectares. There are five islands in this sea park: Mantehage Island, together with little islands across it, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen along with Naen. Folks residing here are approximately 21,000 individuals.

Authorities of Manado, include a strategy as soon as they watch sea conservation actions to create Bunaken as an education and marine excursion thing. Consequently, in 1991, it was announced by the Marine Union since Bunaken National Sea Park.

Ways to Get Into Bunaken Island

Bunaken is located in Sulawesi Island Sea. Most of Bunaken National Sea Park is in northwest Manado bay, additionally an administration component of Manado city, northern Sulawesi. Tourists could use transportations means, which can be motor ships from Manado Bay shore to get to Bunaken National Sea Park.

Tourist Attraction

One won’t neglect to visit Bunaken National Sea Park, because Bunaken is the excursion part when tourists come to go to North Sulawesi, Manado. Bunaken is approximately 8 km2 which is situated in Manado Bay. Around Bunaken, there’s also the sea park that is part of Manado Tua National Park. Bunaken is the most leading sea park in the world. Many tourists have to dive. Although the area is 75,265 hectares, the site is constrained. It’s only on shores, which surround the five islands at Bunaken National Sea Park area.

There are 40 diving areas in Bunaken which have various kinds of coral reefs and tropical plants that are amazing. One hundred fifty species of fishes’ perspective will serve tourists, who dive around Bunaken out of coral reefs and 58 fish genus. Bunaken sea park has 20 places with various depths. From these 20 spots, 12 spots have become the most visited spot by local or foreign sailors and at Bunaken Island.

Bunaken diving areas are a line from southwest to northwest side up. Inside this area, there’s a vertical giant and arching coral wall. This wall becomes a food source of other sea creatures and plants.

Ticket Price and Accommodation

Ticket price of Bunaken National Sea Park is currently IDR 50,000/ person for the entrance, and IDR 150,000/individual, valid for a year. The one year ticket if you purchased it, you’re going to be given a kind of plastic badge. Some hotel accommodation is available in Bunaken with choices. Some hotels are Bunaken Island Dive Resort and Bunaken Divers Sea Breeze Resort. Those resorts are in Bunaken Island. There is also equipment rental, alongside the instructor. The instructor can speak German, Dutch, French, and English.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.