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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders on the road are so free they are like birds in the sky or fish in the ocean. A motorcycle rider can bypass many traffic jams and even go through small alleys unlike any other vehicle. Because of the motorcycle’s size, speed, and many other factors, bike accidents are common. Motorcycle accidents are, in many ways, similar to other vehicle accidents, but they also differ. The motorcycle is an open vehicle; the rider won’t find any metal shield or airbag in a motorbike. Even if he wears a helmet, his body still remains open. That is why injuries often are more severe than in other vehicles. Motorcycle riders risk death or serious injuries more commonly than others who get in accidents.

Causes of a motorcycle accident

There are a lot of reasons behind a motorcycle accident, but some of the most common reasons are

  • Visibility to other vehicles

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles. Most of the time, other vehicles do not see motorcycles on the road because of many on- or off-road objects that obscure the view of motorcycles. That is one reason motorbike accidents happen.

  • Hazards of the Road

There can be hazards on the road. For example, debris, uneven road surfaces, small objects, or wet pavement, which does not affect any other vehicles but can be a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

  • Stability of Motorcycles

Because of two wheels, motorcycles are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles, especially while emergency braking and turning. When at high speed, sometimes the front wheel of the bike shakes. It can also be a cause of motorcycle accidents.

  • Safety of the Rider

Motorcycles do not keep their rider in a metal box like other vehicles. Their body is completely exposed. Wearing a helmet can only save the head sometimes, but the body still remains exposed. The rider who wears helmets often is just seriously injured, but those who do not wear helmets often die in serious motorcycle accidents.

When an accident happens, it can’t be undone. But motorcycle riders can avoid accidents from happening in the future. They have to avoid taking the same lane as cars, beware of the hazards on the road, take some professional training to learn how to stabilize the motorcycle at high speed, and wear necessary protective clothing.

Lane Splitting in Motorcycle Accidents

When a rider drives among lanes or rows of slow-moving or stopped vehicles, it is called lane splitting. It allows the rider to save time. It is also one of the common causes of road accidents. It happens because of the small space where the motorcycle has to move or other vehicles who did not expect that any motorcycle will be passing them. If an accident happens while a motorcycle is lane splitting, it depends on the local law about lane splitting to determine who is at fault, the motorcycle rider or another vehicle.

Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents happen because of the negligence of the drivers of other vehicles. There are two types of negligence. When a driver didn’t do something that would have prevented the accident or when a driver does something that he should not have done that caused the accident.

When a person carelessly causes injury to other people, that is called negligence. A driver must avoid injuring anyone that he or she encounters on the road. In most cases, it is the driver of another car or truck who is negligent.

A driver is negligent when he or she should not have done or failed to do something that he or she should have done to prevent the accident. For example, they did not check the mirrors when making a left-hand turn, sped through a red light, text or drank while driving, etc. These things can cause a dangerous accident.

A motorcycle accident can cause many types of injuries. If you, any of your family members or loved ones, have been in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries like leg injuries, torn muscles, and ligaments, broken bones, paralysis or something more fetal, then you need the services of some skilled motorcycle accident lawyer like Krasney Law.

In the case of a motorcycle accident, we need to make a full evaluation of the accident scene. It is crucial to involve a law firm immediately. For filing a claim of negligence, it is vital to collect the facts and evidence after the accident. You also need to review the scene of the accident and interview the eyewitnesses as soon as possible.