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If Google leaves you unanswered for a long period of time, there is still another way you can report the review: from your Google My Business account. To do this, you will have to connect to your file, go to the section entitled “Reviews”, find the unwanted notice then click on the Plus next more to it to report it as inappropriate. 

File a complaint in the event of non-deletion

You will need to be patient before seeing a review deleted by Google. Indeed, the teams of the American giant take time to study your file in order to ensure the veracity of the problem. And, sometimes, for some unknown and obscure reason, the review is simply not removed despite not following the rules set by Google. In this case, all hope is not yet lost.

You have the option to file a denigration complaint if a review is not removed from Google. Be careful, in this case, the term denigration is very important. Here, we are not talking about the concept of defamation which applies only to natural persons, but the concept of denigration. You will then have the right to lodge a complaint against the author of a false opinion instance by invoking articles 1382 and 1383 of the Civil Code with supporting evidence proving the said denigration. Through Sean Abbott you can have the understanding of the Evergreen Wealth Formula as you read the review that is in his site.

And if it turns out that your competitors are misusing online customer reviews, they will be punished at every level. As a reminder, the consumer code also punishes the publication of false positive reviews. Defined as a deceptive commercial practice, it will be punishable by two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros for offenders. 

Why remove fake Google reviews?

And today, online reviews still influence purchasing decisions more: 91% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand that has positive reviews, conversely, 81% of they will be less inclined to finalize their purchase if the company is riddled with negative reviews. What to swallow a real soup composed of false vegetables to consumers. 

And while the Internet user is cheated by buying an item that does not meet his expectations because of false positive reviews, the activity of honest companies targeted by false reviews is also impacted: 47% of French people have already given up on buy a product or service following damage to a company’s reputation. Thus, a good number of establishments and companies saw their reputation plummet, their turnover decrease or have, quite simply, closed shop because of false opinions diffused by Google and other sites of opinion online. 


Taking part in the fight against the sharing of false customer testimonials will not only help preserve your reputation and your business, but also protect consumers. For pure marketing or ethical concerns, it is therefore important to remove fake reviews from your page.