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Choosing The Right Photo Booth For Your Special Day

From intimate birthday celebrations to a grand wedding, from product launch to bachelorette extravaganzas, every precious moment must be captured and preserved well. And, Photo booth rentals are the perfect way to enhance the glory of your event and adding an element of class, style and fresh appeal to it. 

As an event organizer, choosing the right photo booth that suits your budget and specific requirements should be your key goal. Apart from important factors like rental cost, variety, and reputation of the company, it’s critical to assess the following factors as well: 

  • Event type: One of the major factors that influence your photo booths hiring process is ‘The nature and type of event’. A particular photo booth for your teen daughter’s birthday party wouldn’t be ideal for a couple’s wedding anniversary. Thus, it’s important to choose a photo booth that goes well with the theme of the event. 
    • Backdrops and Props: Depending on the theme and budget of the event, the planners can choose any of the following booths:
    • Open-air photo booth: This stand-alone photo booth has a DSLR or kiosk along with a backdrop stand and selfie stations. The customized backdrop or green screen allows you to virtually enforce logos, graphics, and scenes into the background of the pictures. Moreover, a typical open-air photo booth can fit up to 15 people in a single photo.
    • Enclosed photo booth: Often regarded as the traditional photo booth, it perfectly combines the rustic look of the classic booth with a modern twist. With extravagant background choices and touchscreen features, you can also customize the skin of booths for branding and personalization purpose. 


To add an element of fun, you can include props like hats, goofy glasses, cardboard stand-ups, wigs, and feather boas. 

  • Quality Equipment and technology: Trumping the importance of quality, it’s important to compare and assess each photo booth on the basis of quality. As a part of your research, look for the photo booth that is well-equipped with a professional camera and digital printing lab. To make the event more interesting and memorable, you can even install the photo booth that features green screen technology and GIF production. 

Renting the right photo booth not just adds a fun element to the event but also captures the very spirit of the occasion! 

It’s time to plan a rocking event with PartyMTL photo booth rental, which is affordable, fun, and interesting.