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Cleaning Before Moving Out – Things You Have to Look Out For

Who says moving out means no spring cleaning is needed? Basic cleaning is still needed as you must return the accommodation to the state in which you found it. This is particularly important in the context of a rental, as it becomes all the more important for you to recover your deposit.

While the task is relatively easy in a small and compact home like a studio, it immediately becomes much more difficult in a two-story house.

Before Cleaning

To facilitate cleaning, it is important that you have nothing left to move or store in the accommodation. This saves a lot of time and makes cleaning much easier. It is therefore necessary to prepare cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for fragile objects. It’s simple, but sometimes, when in action, we forget the essentials. What about the rest of the things we need to prepare before moving out?

The Cleaning Phase

Once everything has been moved out, the cleaning phase can begin. Note that it is ideal if the apartment is empty. If the housing must be cleaned before loading all of the boxes, you should try to put the boxes in the centre of a large room to facilitate cleaning. Other than that, you can also opt for professional services, who can do the work for you. You can find out more in details the things you need before move out cleaning at https://sghomeneeds.com/articles/all-you-need-to-know-about-move-out-cleaning/.

Objectives of the big clean-up

Each room must be impeccable, but it is also necessary to ensure the cleaning of the exterior parts: such as the balcony, terrace, lawns and paths. However, in a move, time often runs out. To optimize the restoration of your future old home, here are all our tips for a successful pre-moving cleaning.

DIY or Professional?

You have two options: do it yourself if you have the time or entrust this task to a cleaning company. If you want to avoid extra costs for cleaning, here is the checklist of things to remember:

The important points of the big cleanup

  • Start the big part of the household early enough so that you only have the small tasks to accomplish when you leave. By this, we mean dusting cupboards, leaching walls, replacing broken light bulbs and damaged curtains, etc.
  • Pack your furniture, objects and other belongings away to protect them from dust.
  • Hunt down dowels, screws, nails that make ugly holes in the walls and recap them.
  • Dust all the lamps. To remove dust and any other residue from your lamps, use an adhesive textile brush.
  • Polish mirrors, glass, bathroom stalls and all other flat surfaces in the house. For windows, clean them with a mixture of ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar, 2 cups of water and ½ teaspoon of liquid dish soap. A chamois also works well for glass surfaces.
  • The kitchen requires special attention. Clean the refrigerator and cupboards with white vinegar. Ditto for the dishes: white vinegar is especially helpful as it does not harm the dish material and can be ingested without danger.
  • For clean sinks, your best ally is lemon juice, which you can squeeze directly onto solid mineral deposits. White vinegar can be used to replace lemon if desired. Then, clean the surface with washing-up liquid mixed with hot water.

If you opt for professional services, they can do the entire work for you and within a very short period of time. You will not have to go through the tedious process of looking here and there to get the task done. The online sites in Singapore are there to help you out in the process.